Afternoon Lovelies,

Well these past two weeks have been a manic countdown to Christmas and seasonal festivities.

We had the Christmas Works do at Pine Ridge Golf Course. A great night out, eating, giving my worse dance moves an airing and img_4974drinking just a little ( we had work the next day, so it couldn’t be a lot, what bad planning.)

At various intervals in the evening I went round like some cleptamaniac picking up discarded snowflake headdresses, masks and sparkly hats for the school Panto and costume wardrobe!

I started off being subtle, but after a couple of wines gave up and was grateful not to be arrested or escorted off the premises!

The final Christmas treat at school was our Christmas Pantomime.

This year we took a classic Disney film, Beauty and the Beast and did our best to ruin it. Well, lets just put it this way, it was different.

imageI was the equivalent of the pantomime dame, mum to our village Idiot style character. ( every Panto needs one!)

The wild curly wig came out of the attic, the ‘fits all’ kimono came out of the school costume cupboard and the rainbow coloured OTT eye make up was NOT, contrary to popular belief my regular ‘night out’ eye shadow palette, but extremely bright face paint courtesy of a member of staff! The rosy cheeks and red pursed lips I of course wear all the time.

In our story my panto son ( a she, with another of my wig collection! ) loves Belle, but despite efforts by my good self to improve his chances,  there was seriously little hope!

During the Panto I tried changing his name from Jay to Jeff REE, with the emphasis on the ‘REE’ ,because I thought it sounded more learned and in keeping with our book obsessed Belle. I purchased a fluorescent pink frilly shirt, persuaded him to wear matching socks, tried to teach him some manners and how to behave if taking Belle out for tea. Sadly, it didn’t work. It did allow for lots of humour and slapstick on stage.

imageWe managed to incorporate various Christmas production dances and songs, the mannequin challenge was used several times, we sang the twelve days of Christmas in true Panto style, we did a bush tucker trial and Belle even had to do a Take Me Out style question to decide who she was going to marry!

The kids loved it, they screamed, laughed, sang, got wet and one or two cried!

I took home at the end of the term an abundance of chocolate, beauty products and ONE bottle of Prosecco. I’ll let you decide which present was most needed!

In the week before Christmas I had to fit in writing and posting Christmas cards,  buying and wrapping img_4881presents on a budget, festooning the house with  decorations, food shopping and trying to get up to date with the washing and tidying that had been left to fall apart!

We went to a Christmas singalong mid-week with a musical group we have friends in. We got into festive mood singing carols and Christmas songs and I found my age old problem of two pairs of  glasses and not knowing which one I was picking up. It would help if they had different frames, although a friend had another suggestion, to wear both at the same time. I suddenly became four eyes Fiona! Honestly.

On Christmas Eve Eve I did some cooking, unusual for me. I successfully made the family Christmas day dessert and with the help of my son, two batches of flapjack. He is now enlightened. He was following the instructions which said ‘ cream butter and sugar’ and asked “Where is the cream?” Sigh.

 On Christmas Eve it was Panto number two time. We drove up to Grantham to see my son as Prince George in Snow White at the imageGuildhall Arts centre.

It was interesting having a quick bite to eat with him in full make up. With half an hour to spare between shows he had no choice.

It was even more interesting to find that husband was sitting in the stalls, whilst I was in a box high up. My husband was about to let me sit in the stalls thinking I would get a better view, but my son’s wink and insistence we stay with our given seats, led me to believe there was more to it. Indeed there was.

imageMy husband was the man spotted by the dame as the one she had her eyes on. He was subjected to various innuendos, being kissed on the lips, made to stand up whilst the audience all sang  “Ian played a game with a ping pong ball. . . ” and pointed at. He even had his name written on a pair of pants!

He left the pantomime with everyone knowing his name and thanking him for being a good sport.

I was thanked by one of the theatre ushers for adding a new joke to the usual show and apparently ‘bringing the house down’ by shouting back “you can have him!” when asked if he was available!

We drove home and my son was asleep for most of the journey. My husband suggested he needed to work on his stamina. His reply “My stamina is fine, I just need more energy.”

On Christmas Eve as you may or may it have spotted I posted a Musical Theatre chocolate themed vlog. It came to me in a moment of madness! It’s been a while and I think I tested my husband’s patience when he filmed it the day before, as my memory is useless and I apparently didn’t repeat exact moves as he wanted , but here it is in case you missed it!

Hope you have had a great Christmas and eaten plenty of chocolate!

Honestly Fiona xx