Evening lovelies,

I’m feeling anything but lovely after catching germs from my family and the small people I work with. I have finally succumbed to serious bed rest, sleep and TV watching on my iPad and typically it’s a weekend. My body aches, head seriosly hurts and my stomach muscles are experienceing extreme pummelling from continuous coughing.

img_9024Thanks to the joys of modern technology, I have now caught up with The Missing. (apart from episode 3 as annoyingly BBC IPlayer removed it before I had a chance to watch it) This was an outstanding drama that I really enjoyed,  although I’m ashamed to admit at times I sat in bed with my hands over my face,  peeking through my fingers,  a little bit scared! ( I was also a Dr Who watcher as a child, who saw most of it from behind the sofa!) I don’t do tense and frightening dramas very well, I’m such a wuss! The music was haunting and full of tension and the whole drama was brilliantly acted.

Currently, I am looking ill, tense, grey and haunted without the need of any acting skills at all.

I have also caught up with The Apprentice and am now Watching The Coroner for the first time and really enjoying it.

Last Saturday, we had our school Christmas Fair and the local turning on of the Christmas lights. img_9026Suddenly, although I have done nothing Christmassy at home,  the festive season has been thrust upon me. Christmas carols were playing, Santa was in his grotto,  I had my first mulled wine and wore my first Christmas hat.

Monday came and the remnants of the fair were apparent at work. We rehearsed our Nativity in the hall and back in the classroom a child came over and said ” Mrs S I found your things in the hall” I looked at what she had in her hands and saw a piece of coloured string. ” I don’t even know what it is and I don’t think it’s mine” I smile. She replies. ” Yes, it”s your DENTAL FLOSS”

Golly gosh, if I can fit string that thick inbetween my teeth I’ve got some serious dental issues and leaving it lying on the hall floor, what must she think of me? The joy of 4 year olds. We realised on closer inspection it was string originally attached to a balloon, an easy mistake.

Phonics assessments have continued through the week. Most of them have had a positive outcome and thankfully made us smile. Then there were the ones that made us sigh heavily and lift our eyebrows skywards. ” what sound is on the end of h-a-d?” The reply  “TRAIN?” ( oh lord, get me on the train out of here, it isn’t even a sound!) And when you ask a child to point to the letter that says ‘ a ‘ on a sheet of paper with all the sounds on it and they point to the one square that is COMPLETELY EMPTY, serious interventions needs to be put into place or maybe a trip to the opticians!

Wednesday’s Nativity rehearsal was diabolical with the sound system playing up and singing and behaviour falling apart. I went home early ill and spent the evening asleep in bed.

img_9033On Thursday it was December and I left it to my students to Decorate the classroom. They had more festive spirit than me.

The crib went up which was so popular with the children reenacting ‘Christmas Counts’ that the Wise Man is now legless and the shepherd sheep less. Playing gently is not on the radar of children.

The Nativity performance improved when we put on costumes and although heavily dosed up with Lemsip, I felt a little better.

I went home early to take son to the train station as he set off up to Grantham to the world of Panto land. He is playing Prince George in Snow White.

I decided to then take it easy and pondered on how after 30 years of teaching I have made it into the school accident book as ‘the cause’ of a black eye and cut nose! It is serious stuff. The statement went like this. . . “I was on dishwasher emptying duty with a colleague and the cupboard doors above it were wide open as we filled it with cups.  I sadly didn’t spot her nose close to the open door as I accidentally knocked it!”

I have tried blaming bad kitchen planning, but my supportive staff seemed to enjoy giving me a bad name! I will have to learn to control my inappropriately aggressive nature and violent temper and add this incident to my other violent misdeamonour from years ago when I threw a dishcloth at my hugely frustrating husband! Do I need help I ask myself?

On Friday when we performed Christmas Counts to the local Pre school the children thankfully pulled out the stops and loved having an audience. We could smile and the audience, although little, clapped enthusiastically.

By the evening I was finished and back in bed. I’d survived the week just, but was not going to survive the weekend.

Christmas and my social life is on hold. I do need help, bed rest and medication.

Honestly Fiona xx