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The Goat Whisperer

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Morning Lovelies,

Man Flu has hit our home! The three men in my house have all been unwell in the past two weeks.

I know my husband is really ill when he doesn’t eat for days and wine goes untouched. I am trying to stay far enough away from his germs, but sleeping next to them and having the blighters coughed in my face is making it tricky. Husband is tossing. turning and coughing as he can’t sleep, which in turn means I don’t either. He eventually gets up to watch TV and falls asleep on the sofa! I of course still have to get up early for work and try to function as normally as possible.

image Watch this space to see if my tired body and useless immune system succumbs again! My current headache is a sign it might. It certainly indicates a need for alcohol! A wine, gin or cocktail I’m not really fussy, although hopefully not the smelly sort we created on last weeks school trip to the Gordon Brown Centre.

This week and last has been all about Percy the Park Keeper and his furry woodland friends.

After arriving at the centre by coach we were taken on a sensory walk starting with the sense of smell. Thus our smelly cocktails!

The children were given a quality, plastic cup and were taken initially to the herb garden to put in some super smelly plants, before adding moist autumn leaves, grass  and Conkers.  After a final shake and smell, the contents were tipped on to the ground and dirty cups returned to the organiser.   image

Sensory walk activity number two was for the children sitting down to close their eyes and use their ears to listen to countryside sounds. I chose to join in, as any good teacher would.

I opened my eyes to see colleagues laughing with school iPad in hand. They had only gone and taken a photo of me standing still, dressed for the outside elements, eyes shut, looking like some sort of mentally deranged woman or a vision of the sleeping dead upright!

Activity number three was for each group of children to take it in turns to lead another blindfolded to a tree. Still in the dark they had to hug and feel the width and bark of its trunk. The child was led away and then had to try and guess which tree they had hugged from the sense of touch.

imageActivity number four was using eyes to look at the world through a mirror and activity five was the sense of taste through a mid morning drink and biscuit.

The session continued with a treasure hunt where we visited all the different areas of the centre, before finding a chest in the middle of a maze with the correct number of chocolate coins for the children to take home.

One child on the treasure hunt decided to not follow the risk assessment instructions and picked up imagea piece of straw from the floor to feed to one of the donkeys.

Unfortunately, the donkey missed the straw and bit the child’s finger! HIs face crumpled, our faces panicked, the group leader’s face looked horrified . A plaster and letting the child open the treasure chest thankfully returned a smile to his face.

After lunch we walked down to the woods and Percy visited. The children did not question that he had a beard and looked nothing like the picture book images.

We all built dens from branches, twigs and sticks for the kid’s cuddly toys and had a Percy story.

imageBefore getting back on the coach we had a meet and greet with a field full of goats.  I found I had a new skill and Elvis Presley has been reincarnated!

Mary Poppins may have her umbrella. Aladdin his carpet, Dr Who his tardis., but I had my green wellies! I put them on and became the Dr Dolittle of goats. They all surrounded and followed, rubbing their heads against my boots and nuzzling my legs. They might have chewed off my boot buckle, but I’ve gained a new name and reputation, the ‘Goat Whisperer’ and I didn’t utter a word!

On Friday it was Children in Need and I was leant a Pudsey bear headband to wear. By the end of theimage day I had forgotten a pair of ears were on the top of my head and presumed they were my long distance glasses. Pulling them down thinking I would be able to see properly wasn’t as helpful as I thought!  My senior moments are getting more senior!

A lovely SEN child received a special badge and certificate in our Friday celebration assembly. As he was about to put his coat on to go home he showed me his certificate and badge. I helped him with his coat, smiled and said ” I told you that you would have a lovely surprise”. His reply was “that’s not a surprise, it’s a coat!” Of Course!

Honestly Fiona xx