Morning Lovelies,

imageDo you ever have one of those weeks when your head is spinning, body exhausted, brain hurts and you would just like to take flight?

I have had a number of those weeks recently and would love to fly to an idyllic place, warm and tranquil,  somewhere I could rest my body, ease my tired head and rescue my befuddled mind.

Instead I have taken to listening to Musical Theatre songs on Spotify to calm my restless soul and pacify my struggling body.

Here are some favourite Musical songs that involve taking flight or have ‘flying’ in the lyrics.  Wings at the ready, enjoy the flight.

1- What You Mean To Me-  Finding Neverland

A musical written by Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy, inspired by the 20014 film Finding Neverland and the book by James Graham. It follows the playwright, J.M Barrie as he finds the courage to become a writer after meeting a beautiful young widow. She has four young sons and after watching their exploits, Barrie is inspired to write, and the magical world of Neverland is born. He writes the play we all know and love and Peter Pan comes to life.

The musical premiered in Massachusetts in 2014, transferred to Broadway in 2015 and is to open in London in 2017 with the lovely Alfie Boe as J.M. Barrie.

“I’m feeling enlightened, Your my inspiration .We can fly if we want to, I promise that faith will give you wings”

2- Fly, Fly Away- Catch me If You Can

This musical is based on the 2002 film of the same name and follows the story of con artist Frank Abagnale. Jr. The libretto is by Terence McNally and the theatrical score by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. The musical opened in Broadway in 2011 and went on tour in the US, the following year.

In the 1960’s Frank, a con man, is on the run from FBI agent Carl Hanratty and his team.  Whilst on the run he falls in love with Brenda and lies to her about who he is. Shortly before their engagement ceremony he realises Hanratty has found him. He tells Brenda the truth and leaves, promising to return. Hanratty tries to get Brenda to tell him where Frank is and she laments that she loves him and would never let him down.

‘Yeah, now I wanna see him fly, fly, I’ll be your alibi, my baby, Fly, fly, flyaway.’

3- Corner of the Sky- Pippin

Pippin is the story of a French Prince who has just left university and is searching for the meaning of life. The story is told through a mysterious performing troupe. It is a Tony award winning musical with music and lyrics written by Stephen  Schwartz. The show first premiered in 1972 in Broadway and closed in June 1977.

In  the song Corner of the Sky Pippin talks to scholars about his dreams.

“Rivers belong where they can ramble, Eagles belong where they can fly. I’ve got to be where my soul can run free”


4- High Flying Adored-Evita

This Andrew Lloyd Webber musical  with lyrics by Tim Rice follows the life of Argentine politician Eva Peron.

It was first released as an album in 1976 and its success led to productions in the West End in 1978 and Broadway a year later. The show has won many awards and has had a number of tours worldwide.

The song High Flying Adored is sung by Che as he watches Eva dance at  a ball with Peron, the president elect and he thinks about the price of fame.

High flying, adored, so young, the instant queen, A rich beautiful thing of all the talents, a cross between
A fantasy of the bedroom and a saint”

5- Flight by Craig Carnelia

This song is not actually in a Musical but is written by American Musical composer Craig Carnelia, who collaborated on the musicals Working and Sweet Smell of Success. It appears on an album called A Minute The Songs of Craig Carnelia by Brett Rigby .

It has been sung as a solo and a duet by both men and women.

‘Let me run through a field in the night Let me lift from the ground til my soul is in flight.’

Well, I hope you enjoyed my musical flight journey and feel free to share any other Musical Theatre songs about taking Flight or flying with me.

Whilst you are thinking about it, I might attempt to find some magical Mary Poppins sunny attitude, and ‘go fly a Kite.’

Honestly Fiona xx