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Bringing Back The Memories

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Morning lovelies,

I blinked and half term is over. A week off and my house is still a mess. My husband decided that half term was the week to empty the garage and spread it round the lounge and it is still there.

I seem to have gained several pounds in weight and lost more than a few pounds in money!

My weekend started with a trip to my home town of Lymington to visit my parents. My mum and I had a quick trip to the market. She purchased me tea and cake at the church coffee morning and then a White Stuff sale top that was a size bigger than normal.  After the tea and cake it surprisingly seemed to fit. I acknowledge that buying bigger clothes is not the way forward in weight loss, but I conveniently convinced myself their sizing’s must be wrong!

imageA walk was deemed necessary after lunch. We ventured locally to the sea wall, an area of natural beauty and a nature reserve. Lymington is such a lovely place and out on the sea edge, with the sun going down it was very peaceful.

There is an abundance of bird life, which keeps family members happy. My younger brother was with us and is very knowledgeable. I have now been educated. Teal is not just a colour and a Dartford Warbler is apparently not an opera singer from Kent!

He was also far more energetic than me, being younger you would expect it! When he suggested walking the whole sea wall length and back, I didn’t want to be the one who said “are you serious?” Particularlyimage when my parents in their eighties were up for it!. Sadly, my back started to spasm at 1. 9 miles and I had to be rescued in a car by an eighty year old. Mortifying!

On Sunday other family members joined us and we had a  lovely Sunday lunch to celebrate my Down syndrome sister’s birthday.

My mum cooked a delicious roast lamb dish with all the trimmings and a homemade fruit pavlova.  It was necessary to have seconds. My voice was becoming croaky again,  so I needed some comfort and who knows when I would have the opportunity for homemade pavlova and ROAST LAMB again? Any excuse!

imageMy mums sister has recently died and my parents have been left with the job of clearing her house. We went round to visit in the afternoon. She had not been very mobile and it was sad to see the state of her home and realise that so much of her life will be thrown away.

We took away her photo albums full of memories and spent time reminiscing and remembering.

My favourite was a photo of my dear gran and son when he was a small boy, seeing young and old together and the joy on both faces was touching. How I miss those days, but aren’t photos wonderful at bringing back the memories?

I returned home to two days of domestic chores,  a trip to school where dodgy technology wasted far too many hours and a rehearsal for our A to Z concert of musicals.

I was telling a friend how my son was singing a song from Hamilton and she said with conviction “oh yes that is the Musical about the formula one driver” Lewis Hamilton would be thrilled I’m sure.  I had to let her down gently and say “no, it’s an American musical about the American founding father Alexander Hamilton!”

On Wednesday I went with my university friends for a Spa one night break at Sopwell House, which was a mixed bag. I will hopefully tell you about it on a different post, at a later time.

imageFriday was another treat day. I was spoilt by a lovely friend to a day at a local day Spa, Nirvana. I have written about it before.

We always get there early and leave late to make the most of our time and money. Every visit we have the best time ever.

As well as the  jacuzzi, hot  beds, pools, Prosecco and an abundance of food we went in the flotation pool which was a surreal experience floating round in circles under a black twinkly star canopy. As I opened my eyes I started to think about the Christmas school nativity star dance and imagining what I could do with costumes. Then I gave myself a talking too, it was two days until I was back at work!image

We took part in free makeup and beauty product workshops. I couldn’t afford the products, but enjoyed the experience and all made up, but in our robes we ate our afternoon tea.  Wonderful memories made, a fab day and a great place to go.

The final half term weekend is all about shows. We watched a very enjoyable performance of The Secret Garden, a show I didn’t know and today we rehearsal our concert, singing words I don’t know!  My memory is terrible as I get older and is something I struggle with. Thank goodness photos help jog it into action.

Tomorrow I return to work and face a lesson observation, oh Happy Monday!

Honestly FIona xx