Morning Lovelies,

Wednesday in Italy was a car journey round the lake to the lovely historic town of Sirmione which is on a long narrow peninsula. We got in our friend’s UK car and because it wasn’t a left hand drive she was struggling to see as we exited onto a busy road. My husband tried fiddling with the wing mirror and our friend announced there was a problem and it kept going floppy. Husbands response was “I have some pills for that!” The humour had started.

The car journey took us past Garda’s top amusement and water parks where traffic was at a standstill. It took us an hour and a half to reach our destination where we were meeting  Villa Pioppi Hotel Simionefriends for lunch. Travelling by road tested our patience, the car’s air conditioning and my husband’s tolerance of popular music. Thank goodness for Abba blasting out and a bit of a sing song as we crawled along. We did have to contend with him harmonising to Super Trouper and announcing it was a “poxy stupid song.” We also had to put up with him talking back to the CD. The Winner Takes It All came on and as they sang “I don’t want a talk..” my husbands stroppy reply was.” “well don’t then!”  However, us ladies did say “Thank you for the Music”. . . my husband on the other hand we could have done without!

We were grateful we left home early and thankfully arrived only a couple of minutes late.Villa Pioppi Hotel Meal

The hotel we had arranged to meet in was the Villa Pioppi Hotel. It is set far back from the road. The trees and garden hid the stunning view of Lake Garda at the back. We walked round to the restaurant and the setting was perfect. The view of the lake and mountains was beautiful and the ideal place to have a relaxing Italian meal in the sunshine. I had a Spaghetti Carbonara which was delicious and an Aperol Spritz to drink, as Limoncello was off the hotel menu. We sat there enjoying the sunshine, the view and eating delicious food.

Boats at SimioneWe then drove into the heart of the small historic town of Simione which was very busy and at one point a fight with The Scaliger Castle drawbridge and moat , Simionecrowds was in order! We firstly walked along the pavement next to the waters edge, beside a row of pretty pink and white flowered trees towards the attractive harbour with lots of small boats. The view across Lake Garda was amazing and the most striking sight was the Scaliger castle standing at the entrance to the peninsular. It is an amazing medieval fortification with a moat all around and can only be entered by two drawbridges. As well as the structure being entirely surrounded by water, it has a second defence wall Scaliger Castle Simionewhich makes it unusual. We crossed the drawbridge to enter the main town which was all pedestrianised.

Next to the castle is a small church and then we found the shops where my husband and I bought aIce cream in Simione humungous double delicious ice-cream. I have never seen an ice cream shop so busy and with so much choice, it was manic! The friends we met said their “goodbyes” and went off to buy some jewellery they spotted earlier.

We sat in the shade by the port eating our ice-creams before wending our way back to the car, because we were all overheating and the dog we’d taken looked like he might pass out. Sadly we missed the Roman ruins, but hopefully we will visit again as it is well worth a visit.

Honestly Fiona xxx