Morning Lovelies,

It’s the weekend! I was so excited at having successfully survived my exhausting week sounding squeaky,  but voice not completely gone, that getting to Friday was more wonderful than usual!

Parents evening with little voice was stressful, but thankfully I was put in a room on my own, so I didn’t have to try and make myself heard over a hall full of people chattering and making lots of noise! I now need to get through one more week!

The week was a mixture of the usual, plus Little Red Hen activities. Storytelling was daily,  (my Vlog had several extra hits) playing with flour ended up mostly on the carpet, ( the hoover was out regularly)  threading Cheerios on spaghetti became creative ( children decided Cheerios mixed with flour made excellent cakes) and I nearly reported a colleague on child protection when she said “I’m locking Henry in the cupboard ” Thankfully I looked up just in time to see Henry the Hoover about to be put away!image

On Friday my class became Royal portrait artists for the day. When you are 4 and 5 years old it’s a big ask, but the whole school is taking part in A Royal Regal Exhibition and we obviously needed something to exhibit.

We’d earlier in the term worked on self portraits, so the obvious next step in progression, was a portrait of none other than the Queen!

Like all Royal Portraits some were interpreted in an interesting and innovative way. The shape of the face was varied, the size of eyes and proportions not always considered. In some, Queen Elizabeth smiled, others grimaced and in a few she showed off her white, interestingly shaped gnashers and looked like an emergency visit to the imagedentist should be on the cards!  Her mouth was often on her chin, taking over her face and occasionally contorted in shapes not possible by my own fair lips.  Looking at some portraits you would question if before her royal sitting the Queen had visited a plastic surgeon for some extreme Botox, in others she was in serious need of it! The hair was curly and tight in some, flat and shapeless in others, but it was consistently GREY showing thankfully, good observational skills by all! Her crown was occasionally spiky, at times wavy and sometimes very ornate with colourful Gems. All I can say is, Andy Warhol eat your heart out!

 I now have the pleasure of choosing a few to be exhibited, I’m not sure they will ever make the National, but they will look splendid at the local school cluster Royal Regal Exhibition next week.

Sadly, our cleaner has gone. It was an expense we couldn’t really afford with son’s college fees, but when she started to break several ornaments on the fireplace because she was too short to clean the mirror ( moving them didn’t seem to be an option) ,she left half an hour early and messed us about saying she was coming and then not, we decided her time had come. A shame, because my time has also come. My weekend has involved becoming reacquainted with the polish, Hoover and toilet cleaner and finding pleasure in purchasing a Spontex Bathroom cleaner cloth, it’s the little things!

Yesterday,  imageI did take myself to M & S to purchase a birthday card and present for a party we were going to and whilst there I treated myself to a spot of lunch. The front cover of the paper at the table was very appealing,  as indeed I did wish I was there. Lying on a beach in the warm sunshine. The inside article was all about looking after your liver and fatty liver disease.

Not the best reading before spending an evening drinking and eating rubbish at a friends 30th Party at Camberley Theatre.

I did some silent singing and my body did some loudimage dancing. Unfortunately, my dancing was tagged by my son as the Worlds WORST dancing ever! I would say what does he know, but completing a Musical Theatre Course, involving dance, means I suppose he has some idea. Apparently swinging your arms enthusiastically in time to the music is not cool. Sadly my arms can do what my legs can’t, so my body has learnt to adapt, I. Call that skill!

Honestly Fiona xxx