Evening Lovelies,

Bad timing or what? The week I have two parents evenings and have to talk loads, I sound like Pinkie and Perkie! Who knows what I am going to do?

I always have to worry at the first sign of a cold. When I start to cough, sneeze and my body is run down, my voice is the first thing to be affected.  A few years ago I lost it for nearly 6 months. An inability to speak was the start of me writing!

Being a teacher with an inability to talk means I can’t do my job! Being married with no voice means I can’t make myself heard! Being a mum of undomesticated, lazy boys means they get away with blue murder!

I’ve had cameras down my throat,  speech therapy, found products that help and have learnt to be careful, but sometimes it doesn’t matter what I do, those goddam germs get me. Small children aren’t exactly hygienic!

imageI was worried yesterday when I woke and my voice was croaky. I hoped a Sunday of taking it easy, drinking Green Tea, Lemsip and taking a mouthful of Manuka would help. A day of teaching today and acting out the story of The Little Red Hen hasn’t!

Whistling across a classroom to get a colleagues attention caused eyebrows to raise and when I squeaked ” speak” to another colleague in an attempt to ask her to talk for me, I was considered rather rude!! I didn’t have the energy or volume to apologise, so I gave up on my day and left work early.

They said they missed my voice, but when you have been awarded “the Loudest Teacher award” I believe that translates as ‘ it was very peaceful!’

A trip to Boots after school to purchase Echinacea tablets, Jakeman’s throat and cough sweets and Lemsip Max was necessary. An evening of sitting with my face over an inhaler and taking the products I bought has resulted in an eerily silent evening.

Pinky is hoping to be a bit more perky tomorrow.

Good night.

Honestly Fiona xx