Evening lovelies,

Hate is a strong word that I don’t like to use,  but I am beginning to hate tights!

imageOn Sunday evening we went to the Swan awards at the Landmark Centre in Teddington. It is the annual award ceremony for Arts Richmond and involves local dramatic societies , including TOPS, our musical society.

The trouble with smart occasions is my rare fix of tights is forced upon me! I have always had a tricky relationship with tights, we don’t usually see eye to eye. I don’t possess a huge number of dresses and not wanting to wear the same long black dress as last year, I decided to go for a Cobalt blue knee length dress in my wardrobe which required tights to hide my bruised, pasty and unsightly legs!

I brushed off the dust and opened my tights drawer. ( can you believe I have one?) In there were a collection of different coloured tights in different sizes and thickness. Who knows if they even fitted, it’s been that long.

Pair number one were tan and so thin they were transparent. Once I had struggled to pull them up one leg and battled with my second, I spotted a long unsuspecting ladder. My poor legs then had the palava of tight removal before tights were flung in the bin with force and frustration. Pair number two were similar in colour and thickness. I pulled them on and my nail caught and made a hole. Leg palava and bin was on repeat!  Pair number three were dark and thicker,  so I was more hopeful. Another ladder, another pair in the bin. Pair four continued to be disastrous and number imagefive, patterned and black,  were the successful pair! It took less than ten minutes for my tights drawer to be lighter , the bin heavier and my tights relationship confirmed.

The awards went well and TOPS won a best actress award, awarded by Julian Glover and Isla  Blair.image

Son, who was nominated for best actor didn’t win, although they did say on his certificate he was ‘ an obvious future star’. Let’s hope they know what they are talking about!! I look forward to being thanked at a future Tony award ceremony for my role as mother when he makes it big!! Hopefully then, I won’t be the driver as I was this time, and I can celebrate with more than one glass of wine. Fingers crossed I also won’t have to wear uncomfortable tights and I will take home more than a china swan table ornament!

The Swan award evening ended with a final ‘tight’ problem to add to my woes.  They rubbed in between my legs,  hurting and making my legs sore, a truly unpleasant experience.

Let’s hope the next smart occasion is not too soon.

Honestly Fiona xx