Afternoon lovelies,

imageIt’s been a few months due to torn ligaments and inability to move,  but my hopeless dancing feet finally made an appearance last night at my local, evening performing class, UPSTAGE! After picking up son from work and dropping husband off at the local beer festival I was as usual , a little late.

My memory of the dances already set was non existent and my ability to follow instructions, subtly whispered by kind dancing comrades, was not much better. The whole lesson was spent with me turning the wrong way, doing the wrong steps, smiling inanely and getting rather too close and personal with people I haven’t seen in a while! I spent the whole evening apologising, my fellow movers spent their evening laughing and when I marched with gusto and forgot to turn with everyone else, the poor woman in front of me was squashed in the middle of a ‘FIona’ sandwich! Yes, there are two Fiona’s, but honestly I was the one causing the issues! The next show is in eight months, I have my work cut out, but I am fighting to keep calm.

imageAlthough hot and sweaty afterwards, I threw over my dancing t-shirt my favourite lightweight, patterned shirt dress that covers several layers of overweight body fat and made my way to the Cask and Cork Festival to join my husband. I’m not a great fan of beer or cider, but happily stuck to white bubbly, ate a delicious curry and gave my dress several more layers to cover. We met a few friends who we had some laughs with, we took a few funny snapchat photos and I put my back out due to a lack of chairs and too much standing. Today we return for session two, and like the good Girl Guide I was as a teenager, I go prepared, with chairs for comfort and back support!

imageThis morning I took my son shopping in readiness for Drama college.  He purchased pens, highlighters, pencil case set and SIX notebooks from Wilko, a lot for a lad who was never known for his academic studies. We then moved on to buy three black vests from Primark. I’m waiting to see if any of the note books are written in at all as when we returned home my elder son, who has just completed the same course, told me I had wasted my money and they wouldn’t be needed! Who knows if the college list or my son is telling the truth. Thankfully they were only £1.25 each.

My dodgy back from yesterday needed a rest this afternoon, so I caught up on a programme that I hear is rubbish, but highly addictive.  I turned my iPad to E4 and caught up with three episodes of Stage School. A programme right up my street. My son had been asked to send in a video to appear on it, but spent too long thinking about it. Having watched it maybe it is just as well he thought and failed to act, although Of course I will be tuning in again to watch more terrible telly!

Honestly fiona xx