Afternoon Lovelies,

Last night a lovely meal trying out a selection of delicious foods chosen for us and today I’m lounging, reading and listening to musical Theatre songs on Spotify.  Newsies and Catch Me If You Can are Tuesdays favourites.

imageMy view this morning is one to die for,  the pool, bay, mountains, rocks, hills and greenery. My husband’s afternoon view is one he dies for,  the Simpsons on TV, closed curtains, comfy pillows, large sofa and cooling air condition. His eyes shut and he awakes to a view that makes him die, bare fat legs, bumpy cellulite, purple bruises, wild hair, sun kissed freckles and a bright flowered top basking on a sun lounger. My eyes shut whilst lying in the heat and I awake to the knowledge that his view is ME! Happy Holiday Hubby 🙂

imageMinorca is hot, hot hot and with heat seems to come several annoying flies doing aerobatics displays above my head. They disturb the peace with their buzzing, they make me nervy by landing on my skin and not taking no for an answer, they hover around food when you are eating and are generally annoying and disgusting. What is their purpose in the grand cycle of life? I don’t know, but I do know I can’t stand them.

To get some shade I ask my son to put up the outside parasol and there comes a shriek. Curled up in the folds is something small, black and furry. . .a bat! Before I could get my camera, it flew at my son who screamed ( it could have been a Halloween movie in the making!) and threw himself through the patio doors and inside on his bed in true dramatic style!

An uneventful day.

Honestly Fiona xx