Morning lovelies,

I’m preparing for our holiday to Minorca, leaving early tomorrow. I am currently packing for a holiday without a suitcase, washing clothes for people who are not here and tidying a house that is likely to be messed up quite drastically in the middle of the night! What the hell is going on in garden rabbit 1my life you ask? I sometimes wonder! My husband is driving a minibus full of Assassins cast members down from Edinburgh where they have been performing at the Fringe. They get home in the early hours, tired, with suitcases of un-ironed dirty clothes and we leave at 9 am with hopefully suitcases of clean, partially ironed clothes! I can see a stress free day ahead of me, NOT!

All preparation is good for animal care whilst away. Amazon Pantry delivered just about enough boxes of Felix As Good As It Looks cat food pouches today. Surely, not even three cats can devour 1 76 packets in six days? Winston, the rabbit has five bags of kale and a huge bag of pellets. He is having his last garden run around before being incarcerated in his pen. I am about to lift Winston’s hutch companion back on to his legs as he has not moved from his side for weeks. It didn’t bother me, but my lovely friend who cares for the animals when away, thought Winston had sadly died in her care whilst I was in Edinburgh. Only on closer inspection did she see that the ‘dead rabbit’ buried in the straw was not actually real! Winston was meanwhile alive, and whilst not exactly kicking, happily munching!

Wish me luck on the morrow.

Honestly Fiona xx