Hello Lovelies, for any teacher finally reaching the Summer Holiday is just bliss and finding that we are having a heat wave is a real result! The fact that the heatwave didn’t last long is frankly typical.

Last year we had a big extension built on to the back of a house. We moved into our house approximately 14 years ago and always talked about knocking through the kitchen and dining room. It took a long time to happen and much longer than we thought to be completed but it has been a transformation! Originally, we had a small kitchen and a dark, similar sized dining room.old kitchen Having three big, tall men as well as me, who is of course an imaginary, sylph like woman, there was never enough room for all of us without everyone feeling squashed, squeezed and getting stressed by knocking into each other!

The builders started before Christmas in 2014 and firstly built the extension part along the back of both rooms. After Christmas they knocked through the two rooms and out the back of the house into the extension adding the expensive bi fold extensiondoors. At the time of purchase my husband was unsure if they were an extravagant expense worth buying, but I was adamant if we were going to lose part of the garden which isn’t huge for the size of house, we would make the house feel like part of the garden by being able to open it up on a beautiful, sunny day.

The last year and a half of building work has been a nightmare and there are still unfinished aspects of the job, as we ran out of money and time. The builders never returned when they should have done. They left work unfinished with rubbish and a mound of rubble in the middle of our lawn that the rabbit perched on for months. Before you get up in arms, my husband didn’t pay them the last small bit of money, but we think they probably didn’t care they had made enough and had moved on to the next job! We struggled to find Kitchen fitters and when we finally did, they were miserable and didn’t seem to be happy fitting the Howden units we purchased, even though we were paying them to. They moaned and found issues with everything making my husband, who was dealing with them very grumpy. They fitted units too low and had to refit them, they missed out one unit altogether that was under the ovens and is now in our garage and the mess was horrendous! When they finally left, we breathed a sigh of relief and my husband’s mood improved!

I love the space we now have. The kitchen has suddenly become a social, family room that is used more than the lounge. My husband will chat to me whilst cooking whereas before no one was allowed in the kitchen when he was creating, he became claustrophobic!  I love the Karndean flooring which is easy to keep clean and has made such a difference to the look and feel of the kitchen. I love the American fridge freezer with on taFinished Kitchenp cold water and my freebie sofa’s and cushions from a local community Facebook page have been a real bonus.

In the first two days of my holiday when we were having a heatwave, I finally revelled in knowing we had Bi fold doors openmade not just the right decision with the expensive bi fold doors, but the best decision. I really, really love them! They were flung open all day and it was light, bright and lovely getting a breeze in the heat. We can now enjoy watching the cats basking in the sun or shade, we are entertained by the rabbit chasing the cat and the cat swiping him, the only down side is the rabbit who is allowed to roam as my husband feels sorry for him. Firstly, in the two years we have had him my flowers have become non existent so my view whilst improving is not exactly colourful and the second issue is his droppings. When the doors are open he can get in the kitchen and leave us small, round and unsavoury gifts. I am contemplating potty training him! It has been lovely to finally have the time to enjoy the full benefit of our kitchen. I need to work on the garden. How long is my holiday?

Honestly Fiona xx