Hello Lovelies,

I thought as school winds down and the Summer holiday comes upon me I’d do some daily short blogs!

My weekend has been a long one. It has demonstrated the benefits of a three day weekend and how much one can do when the house is empty and devoid of all men, well the ones I live with! The men in my life are messy with a capital M, incapable of finding a bin, opening the dishwasher door, recognising a washing machine, manoeuvring a hoover and believe that dirty socks live under the bed with the fairies.

Today, they started their first full day of rehearsals for Assassins a musical they are performing in both at Chelsea and Edinburgh Fringe during August. Whilst they sang about killing American presidents, I considered killing them as close inspection of my house was not pleasing. Instead I turned on Spotify, sprung into action and put all domestic appliances to good use. I suddenly saw daylight in rooms that seem to be black holes. The men I live with seem to have an aversion to light and like to work, sleep and play (mostly on an X Box) in a darkened room with blinds and curtains drawn. I wouldn’t have an issue if once finished, light re entered, sadly it doesn’t.Dan's Graduation

Friday was my eldest son’s graduation day. We arrived stressed at the Harbour Hotel Guildford, after a journey from hell. It often happens, my husband leaves late and the car and its passengers are tested for aptitude to racing. My Mother in law and I had no aptitude.  We met my son at the venue . He was looking decidedly dodgy,  wearing mirrored, sunglasses inside, in fact, looking quite like an assassin. My Mother in Law pointed out to him the unnecessary need to wear them indoors. They were removed briefly. The bloodshot eyes, pained expression and alcoholic breath meant they were quickly returned. He slumped upon a table and muttered “I’m hungover” My son has a kidney condition and any excess alcohol can cause him problems, but he chooses at certain times to ignore what he knows will happen. This was not a good time to choose the inevitable. His diploma is in Musical theatre, so thankfully he managed to not sing, but act and smile his way through collecting his certificate with an occasional disappearing act as he rushed to the toilets. The graduation was like Fame school with singing, performing, lots of whooping and clapping. We were deaf by the end, our hands sore, but we were very proud bloody daggerparents. I insisted on one celebratory drink afterwards, making my son suffer, because not surprisingly he wanted his bed. Having propped up the bar at various points I was finally given my wine for free! The staff frustratingly couldn’t get the tills to work. My exasperated expression and asking  “is there a problem” whilst drinking wine in hand obviously sent them the message I wasn’t prepared to wait. The bar man tried several tills ,then waved me and my wine away with a resigned smile. A great result, for me anyway. I took a couple of photos in which son managed to put his acting skills to good use to look sober and well, before we took him home to bed to recover. We returned home also.

The Assassin performers in the evening went to their first rehearsal and my mother in Law and I went for a pub meal. We arrived home and as she cleared the spare bed of the ironing, something dropped to the floor. It was only a BLOODY DAGGER. Whilst my family were out pretending they assassinated Presidents, evidence of a killer was left at home on my Mother in Laws bed.  She thinks we want to kill her! A fine way to aid family relations.

Honestly Fiona xx