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    Diva’s Shoesday

    Hello lovelies, It’s Monday. I love the sun, but not the humidity we had today and tomorrow it is supposedly going to be worse. A school has no air conditioning and when cleaning and cupboard clear outs are on the cards you don’t want it so hot! I was sweltering and sweaty, not a pretty sight or smell. Sadly, I …

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    Graduating & a Bloody Dagger!

    Hello Lovelies, I thought as school winds down and the Summer holiday comes upon me I’d do some daily short blogs! My weekend has been a long one. It has demonstrated the benefits of a three day weekend and how much one can do when the house is empty and devoid of all men, well the ones I …

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    Gig on the Green

    Hello Lovelies, I live in a small town called Yateley on the outskirts of Hampshire. It some ways it has a village feel, as is very spread out and unusually doesn’t have a high street with shops either side that you can walk up and down. It does however have a great community spirit. For the past six years …