Morning Lovelies,

One of the Summer term time consuming aspects and dreads of any teacher is writing reports and completing end of year assessments! Much of my half term was spent writing them until my eyes started to lose focus and my labrynthitis flared up. The last thing I then wanted to do was to continue to look at a computer screen that I couldn’t see properly to write blogs that I often can’t write properly, so I’m afraid my enforced break from blogging has sadly continued!

I have reached the weekend, my reports are mostly finished apart from a few tweaks, I might have a lesson observation, class assembly and music concert to organise, but I thought I’d  do a brief or once I start rambling not so brief, catch up.

The highlights of my half term were:

TOPS team CroquetTOPS Bank Holiday after show BBQ in Horsham. Unfortunately my husband caught my sickness bug and couldn’t make it, but I managed to steal a lift off friends, so I could unusually have a drink. I say ‘unusually’ because whilst I like a drink, my husband likes a drink more. His theory is that we share the driving, he drives there and I drive back, which I wouldn’t say is exactly ‘sharing’ or working towards a marriage made in heaven!

It was just as well I was drinking as we played the upmarket game of croquet.

Whilst dancing with a Croquet team TOPSmop last year caused me to almost knock someone out, my performance with a croquet stick was not much better. It was anything but spiffing and mostly useless! Dancing might not have been required, but swinging, hitting and an ability to move the ball was! When I had to hit the ball gently it never moved at all, when I had to hit the ball with force it careered off in the wrong direction! My ball rarely came close to a hoop which I believe is the aim of the game!

Pimms was thankfully the answer and my friend and I decided that the more we drank the better our performance. Suddenly, with a glass full of Pimms by our side, several sips before our actual turn, a quick pep talk and amazingly our sticks swung with style between our legs and our hitting became more accurate! (I’m hoping my supposed accuracy wasn’t down to blurred vision!) Sadly it was too late and our team came last, but we still smiled like good acting amdram croquet pros!

BBQ with a viewThe BBQ was at a house that not only had a lawn big enough for croquet, but with a beautiful view of rolling hills you could die for. The sun might not have been shining, but it was still stunning. We sat there drinking, eating sausages, burgers, salads and far too much cream cake, whilst chatting about the show and life ever after, not a bad start to my half term and bank holiday Monday.

Lots  of people started to go home late afternoon, but the diehard party goers, including myself carried Facetiming ill husbandon into the evening when the parasol heater and rugs were brought out. We face timed my husband who was feeling sorry for himself and devastated at missing a drinking experience. He was sadly on the sofa at home in his dressing gown, but thrilled to have his TV watching interrupted by a lot of smiling faces screaming at him.

Dancing QueensAs the sun went down and the sky turned pink, the music became louder and Abba was put on the sound system. It was time for the dancing queens to boogie with new moves by one of our members who is  desperate to be considered as a future choreographer! The fact that we had to dig sun going down in Horshamwith a spade when the words “dig it the dancing queen” were sung, doesn’t fill me with hope for her future aspirations!

We finished the Pimms, turned the BBQ on for a second time, played some tongue twisting word games that make you say inappropriate things and stayed until dark, returning home on a thankfully empty motorway. I was very grateful to my driver and to the great friends I have within the musical society as we always have such fun! There is nothing like laughter to make everything in the world seem better.

Jersey Boys in London The sickness bug not only spread around my school, so that it closed early before half term, but it spread around my family despite me disinfecting and washing everything manically at the weekend, like Aggie and Kim . My youngest son was devastated to not be able to see Jersey Boys due to getting the bug. Instead I persuaded my elder son.

Jersey BoysI have had the tickets a while as we know one of the leads who is playing Frankie Vallie and we wantedJersey Boys stage door to see a performance he was definitely in. It was a rowdy performance as there were sixty five of us involved in the group booking. It didn’t disappoint. The music was fantastic, the story great and the performances amazing. I’d happily go again and again and my son even enjoyed it although I think I saw him hang his head in shame as I got up to dance at the end!

We had to go and do the stage door groupie thing and take a photo which was apparently a bit embarrassing, but as I said to my son on the return journey, better that your mum is fun than boring and he sort of agreed! He also had a chat with his college mentor who had been in the show ,so all in all a successful night out.

Weekend Visiting Lymington:

New Forest poniesI spent a weekend visiting my parents in my childhood home in Lymington which I always love. The journey down goes through the New Forest so I get to see the ponies and their foals, but the M3 on the Friday afternoon, despite it being early was a nightmare!

My parents have a beautiful garden that they spend hours looking after. It was so warm we had Sundaystrawberry cream sponge Roast in the sunshine under a parasol with a strawberries and a cream sponge for dessert.

On the Saturday we visited the market, went shopping and went to Southbourne to visit my brother and his cat Super, who is such a character!

Have a good week, Honestly Fiona xxx

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