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    From Croquet to Jersey Boys

    Morning Lovelies, One of the Summer term time consuming aspects and dreads of any teacher is writing reports and completing end of year assessments! Much of my half term was spent writing them until my eyes started to lose focus and my labrynthitis flared up. The last thing I then wanted to do was to …

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    A Day At Nirvana Spa

    Morning Lovelies, This post is about a recent Spa day at Nirvana Spa Sindlesham, near Wokingham. My friend and I have been together once before and loved it so much we vowed to go again, but it has sadly taken two years, well, for me anyway! My life has been quite stressful, busy and a day …

  • My Life

    Anythings Gone

    Morning lovelies, I’m sorry its been a while, did you even spot I’d disappeared? My brain can’t often take the pace of my life which is why the words that exit from my mouth are often a mixed up mess,  but recently my ageing body was also struggling. I had a torn ligament so couldn’t walk, …