Morning Lovelies,

Another week and life has not gone to plan. Disappointingly it is my second week of the school holidays and whilst I should be busy and getting organised for the long term ahead, sadly I turned quickly and my knee went again. . . getting older is a bummer, my ageing body keeps letting me down!

Dodgy knee initially made me immobile which is not what you want anytime, but certainly not when supposedly enjoying time off work.

Now, almost a week later I can finally manage stairs slowly. A support knee bandage over my leggings helps with walking, but not in the fashion stakes!

Whilst my mobility is improving, it is not happening at the speed I would like!

This week Winston the rabbit has made headlines in our household.

The April sun starts to shine and my husband decides to open the bi fold doors. This is an invitation for a roaming rabbit to wander in and make himself at home.Winston the rabbit peering

He is not house trained, so kindly left us little brown presents dotted around the kitchen floor.

As my husband walked across to hand me a mug of tea, I warned him not to step in Winston’s gifts, but too late! Having squashed one on the rug, I suggested getting the dustpan and brush to sweep them up.

I was gobsmacked to watch my almost ex husband fetch them and place the pan and brush carefully next to the brown deposits on the floor!

I waited to see if the gifts would jump by themselves into the pan, as I presume he expected them to do, but surprisingly they didn’t!

Husband continued making his coffee and then suddenly said “ah ha, I just realise what I have done, I can feel you looking daggers at me and understand how it might appear “. . .  yes indeed it would appear that you thought crippled wife who can hardly move should be getting on her hands and dodgy knees to do a job you could easily do!

The last two days of the week have involved going into work, even with a dodgy knee. Yesterday before leaving, I opened the bi fold door for the cat to be let out and the rabbit appeared in his way which always makes the cat indecisive.

We were late in leaving and I didn’t have time for indecision, so I went to lock the back door. I glanced and spotted rabbit on the door mat. I shouted at son to shut bi fold door and check rabbit was not in the house, which he did. It was then hi ho hi ho and off to work we go.

After a couple of hours at work, I was cold, it was raining and I decided to work from home in the warm.

Once home I looked for the rabbit, but worryingly couldn’t find him. Four and a half hours passed and in that time I looked round the house, opened the garage door, limped several times up and down the road, sneaked into the neighbours garden, put out a bowl of Kale to entice him back and looked round our garden, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I messaged my husband who said he often disappeared for a couple of hours and was usually hiding down the sideway.

I looked, although it was difficult to see anything through the rain and rubbish. Time went on and still no sign of Winston. After four hours I started to think he had gone to join the wild rabbit brigade, I imagined him drowned in a huge bucket of water, eaten by a bird of prey or run over by an unsuspecting car. I knew after all my searches he was not in the garden and must have escaped.

We never planned to have a rabbit, we acquired him after son purchased it for an ex girlfriend who had terrier dogs and couldn’t keep him!

He is an extra expense and eats all my flowers as husband feels sorry for him being in a run, Winston on the lawn mowerso instead


he has the ‘run’ of our mostly walled garden.

The garden has in the past been my domain, so I am the one disappointed that the garden is no longer colourful or  looking tidy due to the building work last year. The one blessing is a trim lawn, but with occasional holes in it! I have however got used to the rabbit and realised I would miss seeing him sitting in the garden, watching his friendship with the cat and being entertained by his long eared bunny antics.

I had an appointment to go to the doctor for my knee, imagine my surprise as I packed my bag to go and walked out of the kitchen to see the rabbit sitting in the hallway with not a care in the world. . . he was alive and had been in the blooming house all the time!

I tried to catch him, but he ran into the corner of my husbands office, which is a room full of wires good for a chewing rabbit! Limping after him, I had no speed or mobility, so the sorry saga looked most comical. Worried I was going to be late Rabbit catching Mop!for the doctor, I found the only long pole I could find available, A WET MOP! I lunged back and forth under the desk unsuccessfully, but he was too far under. I couldn’t bend to reach him and the wet mop wasn’t long enough but did manage to catch a few cobwebs in its path. I frantically phoned husband to tell him that rabbit was found, but gave him the bad news that he was in his office and I needed to go to the doctor! My last attempt was a bowl of kale inside the kitchen door and as I went out the front to door I saw him running to eat the Kale. I turned back and slammed the door shut behind him. . .GOTCHA! I then ‘dashed’, a word that can be loosely used regarding my mobility, but in my mind I was moving as fast as I could, to the doctor!

The doctor took one look at my knee and gave me the bad news that I might have torn a cartilage or ligament . It is in the right place and is apparently a typical footballer injury. Presumably by looking at me she would realise my fitness and body condition could not be compared, I wasn’t even moving fast when it happened! My instructions are to strap it when necessary, keep my leg up, rest when possible and return in two weeks for her to assess properly.

My husband got home to a smelly office, pile of rabbit poo under his desk, but wires were intact!

You know your son has come home when the sight of strewn washing across the floor greets youCat sleeping on the washing.  . .  my washing machine might not be pleased, but someone was very chuffed and comfortable!

This week I also limped to the hygienist for the first time in 12 years. It was bound to be bad news! I have irreparably damaged my gums by brushing too hard and have a build up of plaque due to not flossing. I have been instructed to floss daily and told to buy a flashing electrical toothbrush. An Amazon order has been made.

Last year my mum was fighting cancer and this week we heard that her colonoscopy, biopsy and blood tests all came back clear, so the family can plan an 80th party for June.

A week of Mixed Blessings,

Honestly Fiona xxx