Morning lovelies,

Todays post is about hair. I have always had longish auburn hair, inherited from my Irish granny! My hair length has gone up and down from my shoulder, depending on the severity of the cut, money and season. The shade has gone lighter and darker depending on my dye choice, although people thought I dyed my hair as a youngster, even when I didn’t as the sun made it redder! I did once have it cut very short at the suggestion of my granny and hated it. I once had a perm which made my wavy hair go wild, frizzy and very damaged. I wasn’t keen on that either, although being at a hippyish stage in my life the style suited! I have had a central and a side parting, but they didn’t make much difference to my look. I have mostly had a fringe.

The outcome of my two extreme hair experiences are that I have become quite boring and never really changed my style. One day I will have to, but that day hasn’t yet arrived. When I have been to the hairdresser, or more recently when the hairdresser has visited me, I have my hair straightened, but I can never do what they do to my own hair despite my best efforts! Hair can be an issue as you get older as it becomes dry and needs more conditioning, which when I was a youngster I never did. Add the fact that I now have eczema in my scalp, require special shampoo when it is bad and have been told not to put chemicals on it when I get a flare up and suddenly, making your hair beautiful becomes super tricky.

My Favourites are favourites of a kind. They are five times when I look at my hair and realise it needs some special attention. It’s a mid life hair issue!

Number 1- Root Issues

Hair Issues -Roots

Being a subtle redhead, going grey came sadly early! The part of my hair that starts to grey first is always the roots. My humorous husband will start to make comments when they need doing. If I bend down and he spots the roots on the top of my head needing attention, he will talk about me “stopping traffic” or suggest a local “badger cull” is about to happen!  I will sometimes spot greying roots myself when looking in the mirror or at photos I’ve taken and think ‘ radical root action’ fast approaching! I then have to findClairol Root Touch Up an extra ten-fifteen  minutes to my usual hair washing routine in order to fix the ageing hair root problem. I always use Clairol Nice’ N Easy permanent Root Touch Up for a quick fix. I usually purchase it when I spot a 2 for £7.00 or 3 for £10.00 at Superdrug or when I do my on line shopping at Tesco, but not all stores have the complete range of colours available. I will often go for an Auburn shade and have tried both the golden and dark auburn as I was a natural auburn in my youth , but some smaller stores only do a variety of browns, so if desperate, like last month I pop into a local chemist and it is a case of what suits best! Currently in my cupboard I have a dark brown as that was all the local store had, which means that when I next do my roots they will be darker than the rest of my hair! It is not surprising that occasionally my son will observe “why is your hair so many different colours mum?”. . . it is my own unique style of highlights!

The Root Touch -up pack contains plastic gloves, which if I’m honest I don’t always use as it never gets on my hands. Two bottles of liquid (colour and conditioner) that you mix together in a small plastic container they provide and the brush for spreading the colour on the roots. It is very easy to do and although it says the colour lasts up to 3 weeks, I often can make it last longer, that is if I don’t put my glasses on too often!

Number 2-All Over Colour Required!

Hair issues-All Over Colour Required!

Sometimes my hair is so flecked with grey that not only are the roots showing through, but there is grey at the sides , grey underneath, grey at the back, although of course I can’t see that, but I have plenty of tactless friends and family who like to make me aware of my greyness! It is at these special times a complete colour overhaul is required! The old lady grey hair can get so bad that I would sometimes like to wear dark sunglasses, so I can’t spot the variety and shades of colour in my hair. At least then it would all be black! The only problem is that it requires everyone else to wear sunglasses too.

At these despairing times I have again turned to Clairol Nice N’ Easy, but this time the permanent colour in shades of auburn. It is fairly easy, but covering the whole head rather than a few roots is messier and ensuring you haven’t missed a bit is trickier. Recently, I have taken to having the lady who cuts my hair  to colour my hair as well as I decided she might be able to do a better job than me who spreads the colour on my head with the brush hoping for the best, but can’t really see the back or under layers, so it is pot luck if I miss or not!

Number Three- Can’t See!

Fringe needs cuttingMy fringe is also an issue because I allow the length of my hair to get longer over time as it doesn’t Long fringe number 2matter, but allowing my fringe to grow longer means I obviously can’t see properly!

I not only see through flecks of hair, but the hair irritates my eyes. I then get irritated myself and decide it is becoming an issue. I take hair cutting into my own hands and address the issue. The trouble is the scissors I use are a pair of school children’s scissors so I’m lucky they cut at all ,and the technique I use is hold and cut, as feathering isn’t a skill I possess! I then guess which hair is part of the fringe and which is not, so the amount of hair included changes! Its no wonder it sometimes looks a mess!

Number Four- Too Long!

Hair too Long!I allow my hair to grow because I can’t always find the time to get it cut when working, I can’t afford to get it cut too regularly and I sometimes just forget about getting it done. I then get by with either tying it up or allowing my hair to look like I’m in my twenties.

However, I know it is too long when I brush my teeth and my hair gets covered in toothpaste. I know it is too long when it dips in my tea cup and gets in the way when eating. I know it is too long when my ears aren’t big enough to keep it off my face.

At the moment it is in fact too long, so I have contacted my hairdresser!

Number Five- Too Wild!

Hair Too Wild!When my hair grows too much it gets wild, wavy and out of shape. My husband says I often sound like a witch with my high pitched laugh, but when my hair gets too wild I look like one too! My hair becomes knotty, coarse and hard to brush. Layers seem to disappear and my face does too. When it is too wild my hair is hard to control and hard to wash.

Sadly, ‘wild’ and ‘long’ seem to go together, as it is usually because I haven’t had it cut in ages that makes my hair wild and long. All in all its a ‘Rama lama lama, Ka dingity dinga dong’ issue.

Do you have the same Mid Life Hair issues as me?

Honestly Fiona xxx