Morning lovelies,

My Wish is that I had more shapely ankles!

wide ankles in slippersI blame my lovely mother for my fat ankles as it seems to be a hereditary problem. She has them too! However, she is nearly eighty and happy to wear flat, wide, comfortable old fashioned shoes that the older generation seem to enjoy. In my fifties, I am not quite ready for this shoe fashion!

It seems to be a ‘getting older’ issue as both my mother and myself when younger were slim, and had thin, shapely ankles. Having children and getting older has changed my leg shape as well as my body appearance. I look at other female family members and it is the same. I know losing a pound or two might help, but it isn’t going to suddenly turn me into an ankle or footwear model!

In the Winter I tend to wear boots, but what a nightmare that is! I couldn’t possibly order online as I would have an expensive and time consuming return situation. I usually try a selection of boots in store, but I always get so despondent as most boots don’t fit my feet. The palaver of taking boots off the shelf, bending and balancing to not even get the foot in and have to return it to the shelf is after a while, disheartening!  If I am lucky enough to get my foot in a boot they usually won’t do up, as my calves are Ankle bootswide too. The boots that fit my feet are either ankle boots with laces which have some give, or a wide fitting pair of ankle boots, that don’t have to reach very far up my legs! Not surprisingly when I find a pair of boots that do fit and I vaguely like, I snatch them up!

Heels can sometimes help to give my fat ankles some sort of shape, but I can’t wear very high heels for long as I topple over and it hurts my problematic back. I’m also not a great fan of tights unless they are thick and woollen, which don’t really go with stilettos. This means that heels with tights only get worn on very special occasions, which these days is rare.

In the Summer time I obviously don’t wear boots, but then I have an issue with swelling feet, so although I don’t need to wear tights I have fat feet to match the fat ankles!

I occasionally wear a soft, wide fitting pump although they have been tricky to find. I even more occasionally wear a wedge sandal to give me some height, but they need to be stable ,so I’m not likely to fall over. I usually wear flat, open toed, backless slip on sandals with long flowing skirts or leggings and dresses. Imagine my despair when we were told that it was a risk to wear such shoes at work! Thankfully I have agreed that it is a risk I will take, so if I fall over and hurt myself in open toed shoes it is my own fault and I can’t sue the school. All in all, footwear for me is a nightmare.

Photos of my legs in shorts or 3/4 length trousers in the hot Summer abroad always show my legs looking like tree trunks and my ankles merging into my calves

The sad thing is that I like shoes, but they don’t like my feet, so when I get a pair of shoes that actually fit I run them into the ground, even if they go out of fashion.

So there it is, a right old ankle moan. . . I wish I had shapely ankles!

Honestly Fiona xxx