Morning Lovelies,

I must get to grips and realise I am no longer 20 years old!

This is not a pleasant subject to discuss, but yesterday I awoke to find the toilet in the family bathroom blocked. With the knowledge the cleaner was coming, I decided to use the toilet brush to try and unblock it. Unpleasantly, water splashed out on my foot! I didn’t want the rigmarole of showering my whole body unnecessarily, so decided I would in a flash put my foot in the sink and wash it. . . a couple of seconds job I thought! What was I thinking at my grand age? I hoisted my leg up which sadly required both hands, but was feeling quite pleased with myself when I finally succeeded. Getting my leg out of the sink however, proved far more tricky! The floor was slippery and before I knew it my ageing body wobbled, slipped and crashed to the floor landing hard on the bathroom scales. I lay there for a few minutes, as every part of my body apart from the usual whiskers, started to twitch. Eventually, I pulled myself up by holding on to the bath and made my way back to my still surprisingly, sleeping husband. I woke him with the news and said that I might need pain killers for my back and breakfast brought to me whilst I waited for my body to calm down ( great excuse!) He asked why I hadn’t just stood in the bath to wash my foot. . . why? Well, that would have been far too simple and of course in my head I’m still youthful and lifting a leg in the sink an easy task! Honestly Fiona, get real.

drinks and nibblesAt school it was Mothers in School afternoon and after an afternoon of activities, I got an old red cloth out for the mothers to stand on. The aim was to imagine being on the red carpet, whilst the children presented them with a ‘Fantastic Mum’ certificate and Mothers day card. The cloth kept rucking up and I had to keep bending down and adjusting it, not a pretty sight. ( I don’t see red carpet adjusters at the Oscars, so having reflected on our carpet and ceremony I have decided it was superbly below par and maybe not such a good idea!)However, the experience did seem to be enjoyed by the kids and their mums which is what matters I suppose.

The week finished with pub club, dancing and a girly night in that required substantial alcohol and nibbles which were equally enjoyed and much needed!

It’s Sunday. Some of the musical Society met at a pub, I sadly was the driver for the night. The evening was full of laughs, chat, photos and misunderstandings. I took a photo which was sadly photo bombed by a pub visitor. . . the cheek of some people! Across theAldi orange roses table a member was talking about the following weeks rehearsal and I announced “I’m not there”. A lady sitting next to me replied quite forcefully “you are there” I was about to retort with a “No , I’m not, I have Parents Evening and how would you know anyway?” when her hand went out and pointed at the photograph we had just taken on my phone! She was not on the same wave length of conversation as me. . . it so often happens. I wonder why?

Journey home involved coming off at Junction 3 to make a toilet stop in a layby for two rather drunk men. One stood oblivious by the car as a passer by walked towards him whilst the other walked off into the distance and disappeared into some bushes. I had to wait a while and it was after midnight. . . I totally deserved the orange roses I purchased myself for £2 from Aldi.

Mothering SundayIt’s Monday. Yesterday was Mothers Day and I was blessed with one card, a super large box of Thornton’s delicious Chocolates , which are no good for any weight loss programme and a late meal with the family at the local Harvester, which was lovely. I was also blessed with the biggest bruise on my bottom that man has ever seen.

It’s Tuesday. The school chicks spent a weekend away and returned looking like they had just eaten my whole box of chocolates! How can they grow so much in two days? The one egg has still not hatched.

At home ‘balls’ are a problem. Miniscule polystyrene balls are being found all over the place and polystyrene ballshusband came in the bedroom and seemed a bit cross to find them on the carpet and in bed. Unfortunately the sides of the lap tray I use for my laptop have exploded!

It’s Wednesday. Last night was a late parents evening with a staffroom pizza meal to keep us going. I have taken emergency measures to keep balls under control and attempted to cellotape them in place.

It’s Thursday. Another parents evening and my voice, brain power and vitality levels are exhausted. Thank goodness my evening finished with a lie down in my reflexologists chair and an attempt to sort out my brain, body and energy levels with my feet.

Cellotape control has failed, so I have moved on to heavy duty tape, whilst balls are continuing to be chicksfound sticking to bedding, carpet and underfoot.

It’s Friday. Today we say goodbye to the chicks who have spent the last two days visiting lots of classrooms and being faced by the eyes and hands of many children. All the chicks are going to be rehomed with our school caretaker.

Cream Egg CupcakesIt’s Saturday. Eggs of a different kind made it into the classroom yesterday. One of my lovely colleagues made us all treat Friday Crème Egg Cupcakes. With an egg on top and one in the middle I was eggtra eggcited! They had zero calories, I’m sure.

I even made it to my dancing class for the second week on the trot but my mobility, memory and moves are sadly still a mess.

Tonight we go to watch some of our talented friends sing in a Musical Theatre songs concert.

Something About This NightIt’s Sunday. The concert that was called ‘Something About This Night!’ and was all about the singing. It was fantastic and individual performances wonderful. The show was a real mix of familiar, unknown, funny and serious songs and there were some great group harmonies. The only accompanist was a pianist who was superb too.

Today we go for a family get together to celebrate my husbands birthday and to see his brother who is over from25 boiled eggs Chile with his family. It is the first time in nine years that the whole family have been over, so deserves a big knees up.

First I need to boil 25 hard boiled eggs in preparation for school on Monday. The class are decorating them and then they are having a group egg rolling competition on Tuesday to see whose goes the furthest, that’s if the eggs last that long.! Lets hope they don’t start to smell of rotten eggs.

It’s Monday. The family meal was great, the food delicious and it was lovely seeing my nephew and sister in law and the cousins getting to meet each other after so long.

After turning my back on people and feeling very self conscious at the beginning of the afternoon, I decided I had to explain my random behaviour. On Saturday, knowing that there would be lots of photos at the family party, I decided my roots needed colouring. My dermatologist had suggested I didn’t do it if my eczema was flaring up. It hasn’t been great and I had been holding out, but needs must, itchy or not, the roots needed doing! I bought an auburn colour as I was in the big 10400070_1099467343417400_5826060876812636392_nTesco’s nearby and the choice was greater. Auburn is, or rather was, my natural hair colour. I was quite happy with the process, until my husband asked “have you coloured your hair?” “Yes, why?” I was hoping for the “it looks lovely” reply. Instead I got “you missed a bit at the back!” A mirror was brought into the room to see that indeed, I had a Mallen Streak or rather a Mallen ‘patch’ at the back of my head! I pointed out that I can’t see the back of my hair when colouring, so it is pot luck and he kindly said that he could have helped. . .if only! I started trying to avoid turning around but am now wandering about hoping no one spots my patch or thinks it is high fashion hair statement! In the sunlight however and facing the front, the auburn colour is lovely and coppery.

It’s Tuesday. Yesterday we read the Easter Story and decorated the 25 eggs. A few smashed which was bound to happen as the sides were curved and cubed eggs have yet to be invented.

It’s Wednesday. I’m Ill. Yesterday the sore throat that was hovering became worse and in the night I had dreadful headaches and felt sick, which I think might be my Labrynthitis. Sadly, my whole team are ill, a number of children also, so the school needs a good deep clean and disinfecting. I’m doubly unhappy as had theatre tickets for tonight to see ‘The Play That Went Wrong’ and indeed it has gone wrong.

It’s Thursday. Another day of daytime TV, its been a while since I’ve seen Jeremy Kyle and shouting still seems to be key.

It’s Friday. The week has ended with me continuing to spend a substantial time in bed drinking Lemsip and with my cats for company. I love my furry friends.

Happy Weekend,

Honestly Fiona xx