Morning lovelies,

Now we are well and truly into March, Winter seems behind us and I start to look forward to the season of Spring. The meteorological Spring starts on March 1st until 31st May, but the astronomical Spring starts on March 20th and lasts until June 19th. . .I  am no astronomer or meteorologist, so mid March is middle of the road and fine for me to believe that Spring is well and truly here! My ‘Spring’ sensors might not be accurate or highly honed, but are based on what I see and feel in the world around me and I’m sensing it! I’m getting allergies for starters.

Many people find the UK seasons depressing. The season of Summer which we believe should be baking hot is rarely predictable and for the past few years any heat wave has been short and sweet, or even non existent! In comparison the Winter months can seem to drag as the weather is dreary and miserable. Whilst I personally wouldn’t want a lengthy scorching hot Summer, I do wish that Summer was more predictable. I wish also, we had more crisp, cold days in Winter instead of the persistent rain. However, I do love the transitional seasons of Spring and Autumn and feel that having the variety of seasons is interesting and makes you appreciate each different one in a way you wouldn’t if it was really hot or cold all the time.  There is so much to enjoy and look forward to in Spring. My Five Friday Favourites are five things I enjoy about this season.

My ‘Spring sensors’ are at the ready and have already noticed. . .

Number 1-Daffodils.

daffodilsAs soon as daffodil bulbs start to flower it is a sign to all that Spring is here. The winter months can be so miserabledaffodil with very little of any colour growing in the countryside, that seeing sunny, yellow daffodils swaying in the garden, parks or by the roadside brightens up the landscape and certainly cheers up my mood!

There are so many different varieties now that they are not just yellow either. You get orange and white narcissus dotted around too, which add extra colour to lift the spirit and get you ready to embrace the season of ‘Spring’.

Daffodils have such a unique shape, with their trumpet centre piece against a star shaped background that to my mind they stand out both in flower shape and colour. Often they are dotted around in rural areas, but to see them on mass, as they are just outside my work, and they look beautiful! I love the fact that it can be frosty and cold when I pass them early in the morning and the daffodils look dull, flat and downtrodden (a description that sounds like me on a good day!) and when the sun comes out they immediately wake up and look bright, perky and happy! ( a description of me after a glass of wine!)

jug of daffodils

I love buying flowers to brighten up my house and to bring the outside in, but always feel guilty as they never last for the money you spend. Daffodils may not be the longest lasting flower, but being able to buy flowers for just £1 which is what they are being sold for, is a bargain! You also get them at home for the full flowering season as they don’t start opening until you put them in water, so a great daffy deal!

Number 2-Blossom


The trees in the winter months have been bare for so long that seeing them spring into life with new leaves is heartening. Seeing the small cluster of flowers start to blossom makes me think ahead to Summer, blue skies, warmer days and the hope of being outside enjoying the garden more. At the moment my spring sensors are just spotting some of the buds beginning to flower, but when the trees are covered in pink or white flowers they look so pretty you know that Spring is here and Summer is just round the corner! I love to see the pink cherry blossom, but in my blossom 1garden I only have white blossom to admire. My parents on the other hand have a beautiful garden where the blossom can’t quite make up its mind whether its white or pink!

Number 3-Lighter Evenings

Lighter eveningsI am loving the fact that now when I leave work the moon might be hovering, but it is no longer completely dark.

My lunchtime walks started because by the time I was getting home it was pitch black and I didn’t want to be out walking on my own late at night. Having fallen over in broad daylight on slippery, wet leaves whilst in company, I would certainly not want to test my ability to stay upright when it is dark and I’m alone!

This week when I have walked out of work at 5.45pm it is thankfully light, so you then feel hopeful and start to look forward to evenings of being able to do something other than sitting inside being inactive or doing housework, unless of course that is my particular choice of activity for the evening!

Number 4- Chicks

chicks in incubatorEvery spring we get ten eggs delivered at school from Living Eggs and we spend two weeks watching the chick in hand1chicks hatch and grow. Last year all ten hatched but this year only nine did. It is an amazing experience to at first hand watch the chick’s effort to break out of the egg.

The eggs arrive in an incubator and the chicks usually start to hatch 2-3 days after arrival. It usually begins with gentle movement or rocking and a tiny hole is made with the beak. A bigger crack is formed until eventually you see the chick push the egg apart. It often has to have periods of rest as it is an exhausting experience. I’m exhausted just watching! After the first chick arrives they will cheep to encourage the other chicks to come out. The pretty yellow chicks are the boys and the dull, but equally gorgeous brown chicks are the girls! Why do the boys always have to be the pretty ones?  After about 24 hours when they are dried out we will move them out of the incubator and into the brooder box. Over the two weeks the chicks grow so quickly. It is then up to the school as to whether we return the chicks or we give them to someone who wants chicks. This year they are all going to a work colleague.

Number 5-Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross bunsYou know Spring has arrived when the shops are full of Hot Cross Buns and I’m not talking about me and my grumpy menopausal friends!

I just love a hot cross bun and seem to love them even more as I get older. They are delicious toasted with butter and jam and they have recently replaced my breakfast toast! They are also great at lunchtime or teatime as a light bite, although I’m not sure exactly how healthy they are for you. I’m not even that fussed if they are not toasted as long as the butter and jam are included. Recently I brought Tesco’s finest as they were on offer, but I’m happy to eat any shop bought hot cross buns.

These days they seem to have branched out as they do with most things and you can get different varieties of hot cross buns. . . Apple and Cinnamon, Toffee Fudge and Belgium Chocolate, Date and Cranberry, Honey and Ginger. I did buy Apple and Cinnamon for my husband which he enjoyed, but I’m happy being a regular Hot Cross Bun woman!

As my Spring Sensors are in full swing, I thought I’d take you back to last year when I made one of my first vlogs about my parents garden. . . you can decide if my Spring sensors have improved or not, not sure my garden knowledge has!

Enjoy the Season of Spring and get your sensors working too!

Honestly Fiona xxx