Morning lovelies,

What a feeling! My knee is better so this week I returned to my lunchtime walking. I’ve always been led to believe that exercise, and walking was good for you…particularly for the older lady of ZERO fitness level! I decided yesterday that in fact it is dangerous and should come with a health warning. I was taking off my trainers to put on my ordinary shoes in the classroom when there was a shout from a colleague. . . Have you seen all that blood?” I looked down and my nice new woollen sock was covered in blood. On closer inspection my white trainer had blood seeping through too, all thanks to a big cut to the underside of my foot. . . how did I not feel itFLASHDANCE when walking? Colleagues rushed (slightly exaggerated but good to dramatise any exercise injury!) to fetch plasters and kindly wrapped up my toe as ageing body struggled to reach and contort body successfully to do it myself!

‘What a feeling’ continued into the evening as we went to watch my son in his college performance of Flashdance at the Electric Theatre in Guildford. It is not a musical I particularly know and whilst it is not a favourite of mine, the students gave some wonderful performances that were emotional and expressive. The singing was great, the energy and dancing fabulous and my son, who is not a dancer, surprised us with his moves! It was a very enjoyable performance and having seen a few of the college shows now, it is lovely to see young, hard working, talented students develop and grow. It is a difficult business they are entering into and I wish them all luck.

A sign of the times where the Arts are concerned is that the lovely theatre where the college performed this musical is under threat of closure due to withdrawal of funding. It is a great community space in the centre of town and  the evening we were there, had a packed audience. I am a great supporter of the arts and if you are too it would be great If you could sign the petition here to Save Electric Theatre .

BaileyThe downside of a leap year, I’ve not been paid yet and I could do with it . . . again, what a feeling, but not a great one :-/

It’s Sunday. Wishing the rabbit would find a different place for his toileting other than right outside our back door. Its great he has found a specific place as it shows he is trained, but why there? My youngest son goes out for his cigarettes and keeps bringing little round balls of poo back into the kitchen underfoot and guess who has to clear them up? He seems oblivious and if I sweep the poo away, the rabbit only makes a return to leave me new gifts. . . its sadly, a never ending poo story.

Its Monday. My eczema is flaring up again and I’m having a Monday moment of sighs caused by living with a household of men!

I’m firstly looking at the normally wide awake sleeping body of the one who woke me up in the middle of the night by climbing up on the roof. I couldn’t ignore him as he was scratching at the upstairs bedroom window to come in. It’s alright for him sleeping his night on the tiles off, but I can’t as I have got to go to work. . . blooming cat.

Secondly, it is a pet hate of mine that men don’t put the toilet seat down . . . in my half asleep state last night, having been woken up, I went to the toilet and as my body went down on the toilet seat, I realised it was rather lower than usual. It wasGordon's Gin too late. My clean bottom was not sitting on a clean seat, but I was too drowsy and desperate to do anything about it. Why can’t men learn to put the seat down?

Thirdly, why would one leave an empty bottle of gin in the fridge? I have pondered on this thought and have come up with the following deductions:

  • a desire to torture friends and family who believe they can have a gin, only to find they can’t
  • because they think the bottle looks pretty in the fridge
  • because they don’t want anyone to realise that the bottle is gone and there is no gin left
  • because they were pissed and didn’t notice

Chicks arrive today at work.

It’s Tuesday. Yesterday for the first time ever the Facebook ‘Timehop’ app said I had NO HISTORY…that’s a leap year for you!

My mum is FantasticAt school ten eggs arrived at lunchtime from Living Eggs and are located in my classroom. This week with Mothers Day coming up our book is ‘My Mum is Fantastic’. We have a mums afternoon coming up on Friday, so yesterday all the children wrote an invitation to their mums. I gave them the information that they had to write and it was very cute to see one child using her phonics to tell her mum it was on at ‘1 pee em’ They all made Mothers Day cards and during reading time decorated and made their mums a special ‘Fantastic mum’ certificate.

It’s Wednesday. At school there is a crack in an egg and I was very eggcited! In the afternoon there was more fun when watching the school talent show with lots of dancing and singing. At lunchtime there was much hilarity after a staff conversation was misinterpreted which made us howl. One colleague was telling another how her husband had annoyed her over the weekend, so she told him “stop being a dick!”. The colleague retorted “that’s quite tame…have you gone harder than dick!”…think the word she was looking for was ‘harsher’ but gosh it made us giggle!

It was a terrible Tuesday..Would you consider a bad mother to be someone who doesn’t rescue her children when they get lockedLife Cycle of a Chick out of a building? I’m confessing to being one, but for one night only! Misread the waving of hands at the end of the rehearsal corridor as ‘go away’ when in fact it was ‘LET US IN!’. . . I even waved back at them!

It’s Thursday. Four eggs hatched yesterday and the kids and adults spent a lot of time finding excuses to not do what they were supposed to be doing and watching both the action and non action of tired newly hatched chicks instead.

We had P.E and were assessing ball skills, where the use of language can be tricky. I talk to the children and only wonder what I’ve said when there are sniggers from across the room. “Pat your balls” was apparently said a number of times, but when I said to a child “pat your ball harder to make it go up”. . . a colleague left the hall for a few minutes to compose herself. Thank goodness 4 year olds haven’t a clue!

World Book DayIt’s Friday. Yesterday was World Book day at school and our team all dressed as Aliens Love Underpants. One lady did come in with a toy alien stuffed down her underpants, but removed it after a while as it was proving uncomfortable and causing some inappropriate stares. The rest of us went for the boxers and boppers look!

As we sat eating out lunch in the staffroom, we saw a small child who was dressed as a policeman for book day Lion running-World Book Dayrunning across the field towards the car park. He was shortly followed by a frantic enormous lion chasing after him at speed, tail flapping and mane flying. . . it was a sight we will never forget and summed up the day!

What a  Feeling!

Chick Sleeping

Honestly Fiona xx