Morning Lovelies,

My wish this week is to be a CAT, or perhaps live the life of a cat!

relaxed poseI look at my three cats and they seem to live the life of riley. They spend most of their day sleeping and look so pepsi bigrelaxed and without a care in the world that I would just love to be so worry free and chilled!

If they want food or to be let out to do their business, they miaow or wait for a few minutes and are immediately served. No preparation is required on their part . They don’t have to shop, choose or prepare.  They don’t have to work to pay for their food and they don’t have to clear up any mess they make. Everything is done for them. How I wish that could be me!

They sleep in the warmth of a home that is heated and paid for by us. They get taken to the vets and have any treatment paid for by us. They don’t have to make choices about what they should wear or how they should look. They have one fur coat, which might occasionally be itchy with fleas,  but hopefully after a bit of pampering, brushing and Frontline treatment will be lovely, shiny and flea free. Who pays for the treatment and does the pampering?. . certainly not the cat! Oh yes…that will be me too.

Everything they need is paid for without them needing to lift a paw to do a drop of work. Everything is done for them without the need of much effort and if they lucky they get a whole lot of fuss, love and attention in return for a few miaows and purrs. Oh to be a cat…

Honestly Fiona xx