Morning Lovelies,

Last weekend after dropping my son off to work,  I found myself sitting having breakfast in M&S.  I looked around and realised I am starting to behave like a middle aged older woman. Good lord how is this possible I pondered?

You might wonder why this is such a shock? After all, I am no spring chicken but a woman in her fifties, which is very middle aged and probably to the young, pretty ancient! The trouble is that whilst the body lets me down and the memory occasionally lapses, in my head I am still in my thirties, sometimes even in my twenties. . .What a problem to have? Both at work and in the musical Society, I am surrounded and mix quite happily with younger people, so misguidedly think I’m more youthful than I really am.

Suddenly, as I sat there sipping tea I reflected on aspects of my life and the words GETTING OLD were shouting at me big time!

My Five Favourites this week are five things that I now do which demonstrate how midlife OAP ness is gradually creeping up on me!

By sharing these ageing aspects I hope it will help me embrace the fact I am indeed ‘getting old’. I don’t always feel it, but think ageing might require some positivity in order for me to get through it successfully and still smiling!

Number one-Breakfast in M&S

M & S breakfastI am lucky enough to live near one of the biggest M&S, so of course it has a large café area.

The shop is so big thatM and S sandwhich bar it can take a body that is beginning to reach OAP status a while to walk round the whole store, particularly when a trip includes mooching and trying on clothes!

Tea breaks and rest are often required, particularly on marathon shopping trips.

Whilst I might find myself stopping for tea or lunch depending on the timing of shopping, I have never been up and out early enough for breakfast! I’m usually tucked up in bed or at home catching up on household jobs.

As I sat there eating my first sausage in a roll breakfast, cup of tea and bottle of water I looked around and noticed that everyone having breakfast in the café was over a certain age. . . no one was youthful or trendy and everyone was either grey, greying or had used dye on their hair! Yep, not one young person was sitting at a table. . . they were all of course asleep in bed, taking it easy at home or if they had to get up they were at work! Only those of a certain age, an age where insomnia happens, sleep is disturbed and you need less shut eye, would be shopping at 9 am!

Early bird shoppers are those who enjoy shopping at dawn as the shop is empty of customers. It is far easier to move around when no one is there and of course, the day ahead is not wasted.

I hadn’t noticed it before, yet I realised I actually fitted in, my hair is dyed, I am in that age bracket, I don’t sleep so was quite happy sitting there wide awake and benefitting from an empty shop.

Company at breakfast would have been nice, but it didn’t even bother me that I was on my own. There were plenty of other solitary shoppers enjoying the peace and tranquillity of an early morning cup of tea and a sausage in a roll to start the day. I’m definitely getting old.

Number Two-Toilet Visitstoilet sign

toiletsVisiting the toilet regularly has got to be a ‘getting older’ issue.

Wherever I am now I have to know where the nearest toilet is.

I even judge toilets. . . are they clean, decorated nicely, do they have hand towels or a dryer, do they have a tasteful hand wash and hand lotion that I can rub on my dry, wrinkly hands?

If I am moving away from the store or area where the toilet is or if I am going on a journey I will make sure I visit the toilet even if I’m not sure I need to! Using the facilities before I leave has become an outing necessity.

My bladder is not quite as strong as it was and having spoken to the Dr about this she has told me that as we get older, it can need retraining which makes it sound like a naughty dog!

This is not something I feel particularly positive about so in some regards it is not classed as a favourite. However, finding a toilet in store and then going leaves me smiling, my untrained bladder jumping for joy and is a very happy relief all round!

Number Three-Lavender

lavender hand cream

I associate Lavender with ageing and as I get older I seem to be buying more and more products that have lavender in them. I actually like it as a fragrance, so this must surely make me a geriatric or on the way to being one!

Lavender is a herb useful for insomnia, nervousness, dementia and depression. It can help the digestive system and is useful for headaches and joint pain. Some people will add it to bathwater to help circulation and help relaxation.

A  lot of these are ageing ailments and sadly, many of them are ones I suffer with!

Lavender is often added to cosmetics and beauty product and I do seem to buy them. I have bath liquid with lavender, and my last handbag hand lotion was lavender, I will moisturise it into both my hands and just enjoy the fragrance it leaves with a quick deep lavender inhale!

Number Four-Shopping Trolleys

shopping trolleyWhen I was younger and I went superstore shopping I always had the deep trolleys. They could carry so much more shopping which is what I wanted and often needed.

When my sons were little they would either sit in the front seat or in the actual trolley, if I wasn’t buying that much.

Now I never take a deep trolley shopping.

Again its an age issue. Firstly, I can’t reach down into the trolley far enough, that requires agility which has gone, secondly, I can’t push a deep trolleys worth of items around the store, that requires strength which has also disappeared and thirdly, I buy large amounts of shopping now online.

I can’t deal with walking round vast superstores and carrying or pushing heavy goods…I am well past it! However, a small trolley that is light, holds a few items, can keep me upright and give me something to hold on to as I totter round the store, is most useful for the older person shopping. . . .this must therefore be me!

Number FiveStaging Photographs

I love photographs and taking photographs is a reminder of a time and place. As you get older photographs can tell a very different story.

A  sign of ageing for me is that I have got to be very careful about my body position when a picture is being taken.

If I’m not ready and posing in the right position for the click ofresigned face the camera, my head might be down, so a horrible ageing double chin is on view. Certain facial expressions and lighting exaggerate my wrinkles and the bags under my eyes. The dimples in my cheeks that my husband once found cute are now huge crevices!

If I’m caught not sitting properly I look like I’ve got a huge tummy and If I’m caught at certain angles I can have any part of my body looking much larger than I imagine it is and the camera of course never lies! Photographs show when my hair needs a cut, my roots need dying and when my hair needs a complete colour makeover.

It is all very sad that whilst I shouldn’t care, I am in fact so aware.

It is all a sign I’m getting old and becoming beyond middle aged! I am trying to think positively but really it is just about resigning myself to the inevitable!

A big shout out to everyone who is being let down by their body and brain and is getting old…I’m there with you in a big way! 🙂

Honestly Fiona xxx