Morning Lovelies,

Barcey Dussel did not make an appearance at dancing last night as she could hardly walk let alone dance after twisting her knee! She did make it to a friends house for Prosecco and pizza, the ultimate Friday night dining experience. She also made herself very at home by putting her feet up on her friends delux Ideal Home corner sofa and took up seating for three with her gammy knee! Ice packs were served along with the nibbles. The ice packs seemed to help the knee, but the nibbles did not aid the pink ladies glasses and scarfdiet or friends clean cream carpet. Barcey managed to spill a sloppy dip which didn’t quite make it from the table to the mouth as moving speedily, even with just a hand, is not easy when body falling apart! Thankfully the evening wasn’t completely lost as although her body has slowed down, mouth (useful for eating, drinking and chatting) still seems to be up to speed! What a relief.

It’s Sunday. Pink glasses and scarf have arrived for my Pink Ladies event in half term at Camberley Theatre. I now have to await the jacket and then I will be all set for my sing-a long- a Grease evening….There are worse things I can do!

Yesterday we had a great afternoon at The Brewers Fayre pub in Tadworth. It might not be the ultimate pub grub restaurant, but sometimes it is not about fine dining college get togetherbut about the company you keep. We were there for one of our regular college get togethers which are always full of laughs and putting the world to rights. We had plenty of laughs, but my knee was still dodgy and husband not at his most helpful. It was down to a friend to put my world to right as she supported me to the car as he had suddenly disappeared…to the car without me! She has probably got recollections of holding my arm to keep me upright thirty odd years ago, but for completely different reasons!

Afterwards we went back to the house of a friend for tea and a buffet of very fine dining…sandwiches, cheeses, crackers, chutneys, cakes and a never before heard of, but exquisitely named Aubergine Terrine with Tomato Comfit! Due to my struggle to move I asked my husband to put a few nibbles on my plate. “You will love this delicious aubergine terrine” he said with conviction and a smile. He Aubergine terrineproceeded to spoon out an unusually large mound of brown sludge on to my plate. I spotted the sniggers and laughter of two fifty plus year old men and sensed a spot of manly mischief. To describe the terrine as delicious was of course far from the truth, it was terrine terrible. Husband and joker pal enjoyed watching me awkwardly struggle to eat one cracker with the terrine and I waited until the friend left the room, not wanting to offend, before returning the plate of brown sludge and telling husband he needed to eat the rest.

Today we have a principle rehearsal for our next production with TOPS, Anything Goes.

It’s Monday. Countdown to half term begins. it has only been five weeks but what a long five weeks!

Rehearsal was fun and the show is looking good. Lots of lovely singing and dancing and lots of comedy moments which are currently making the cast laugh, so will hopefully make the audience laugh too. I have a lot more lines to learn than Anything Goes RehearsalI realised so will have to add that to my list of ‘things to do’ old brain doesn’t find it quite so easy as it used to. Cheeky, the dog was quite well behaved and I am working on developing my Barbara Woodhouse ‘do as you are told’  dog command voice and ultimate obedience training techniques. I have to cry in true OTT dramatic style and speak in a posh American accent, one of these is more challenging than the other.

It’s Tuesday. Yesterday I had a morning full of meetings and in the afternoon it was PANTS. The day wasn’t bad, but everything this week is about pants as our story is Aliens Love Underpants, a story children just seem to love. I am not sure cleaners or parents loved that we had Cornflour gloop and washing pants in the same week as after one day there was water and white paste everywhere! The children started decorating pants and then we had did some estimating mathematics with some patterned pants. The children were given a quick glance of the pants and had to firstly guess, then count to check how many spots, stripes or hearts were on them. Thankfully the pants we used were clean and unused.

It’s Wednesday. I’ve reached Wednesday but wishing it was Friday. We had our weekly rehearsal last night…it is always vital to do big hand flicks with the opposite hand to the person dancing next to you. I didn’t and swiped the girl standing next to me so hard that the SLAP echoed round the hall, followed by her “owwwwwww” Sadly, my dance moves were not up to scratch and that was not the only swiping I did, which prompted son to look at me and say “will you stop hitting people!”…I would if I could.

washing pantsIt’s Thursday. Disaster reigns, the classroom pants have all gone missing! An alien foot was found by the doormat and a letter from the alien was on my desk saying that they had taken them to play with. One pair dropped from the sky and landed on a colleagues head just as a school inspector was walking round the school. What good timing. The children have decided they need to make a rocket to go to the moon and have written letters asking for the class pants back. We might be in trouble if anyone has an accident! I have been reliably informed that aliens of various colours and sizes have been spotted in the school grounds by the whole class of children at different times and places. I am now concerned that I have a class of colour blind children and I have failed to detect it as not one colour description was the same as another. We had a discussion on stealing, why was it wrong, how did they feel and how could we explain that it was wrong to the aliens?

Someone has got some explaining to do at home as not only have pants gone missing at school, but crockery has gone missing from the cupboards. Husband sent out a house search party and made the following statement.

Crockery hoarder10th February 2016: In an operation on a scale not seen since the evacuation of Dunkirk, officials today announced the complete success of Mission Kitchen Recovery. Following a tip-off from an informant, the raid on the bedroom of the suspected crockery hoarder resulted in the liberation of no fewer than 18 cups, 3 plates and 12 teaspoons. A container thought to have contained approximately 8 hot dog sausages was also recovered, although the occupants are presumed to have perished some while ago. Officials confirmed that the crockery, glassware and cutlery is now undergoing an intensive debriefing in a secret facility, believed to be a dishwasher. It is hoped they will make a full recovery. “Our thoughts go out to the friends and family of the missing hot dogs at this difficult time”, a spokesman said. Meanwhile, the hunt for the hoarder continues. It is believed that he may have gone into hiding, possibly under a collection of approximately seven towels scattered on his bedroom floor

It’s Friday. Yesterday children made a rocket out of super solid cardboard and today we take off to the moon to get back our pants! Phonics was all about the ‘ai’ sound and children were struggling to see words with the sound in the Jolly Phonics book. I decided to give them a clue “If you fall over and hurt yourself you will be in….” Child puts hand up…”Yes” I say…..”TROUBLE”

Oh lord, so am I. What a complete and utter PAIN 🙂

Happy weekend all,  Honestly Fiona xx