Morning Lovelies,

I  wish that I didn’t have to wear glasses.

i wish- glassesI have only had to wear glasses as I have got older, but what a palaver and hassle it is!

As you get older and your brain needs all the help it can get to just remember the every day little things, old age throws in poor eyesight and the need to remember glasses too!

I have to remember not just one pair, but TWO pairs of glasses, in two different glasses cases and carry a bag big enough to hold them plus everything else. It therefore needs to be a supersized handbag and therein lies a separate issue!

The trouble is my eyes are borderline with both short sightedness and long sightedness, although that might change when I get round to going to the opticians, which I am long overdue. I have bought over the counter reading glasses +1 for when light is dim and my eyes are struggling to read small print and I need prescription glasses for driving at night and watching TV/Theatre in the distance. Unfortunately, if my labrynthitis is bad it affects my eyes and I wear my prescription glasses more. When not needing them the glasses get propped on the top of my head, I might put them down, I forget where and then my ageing brain has to remember what I did with them! I have lost my glasses twice over the last month, panicked, because I know I need them and been late for wherever I was going because I was searching.

The other hassle with glasses is when you get hot. The glasses that are supposed to help you see properly get steamed up and you can’t see a thing!glasses

I am not so frustrated I want to attach a piece of string to my glasses and hang them round my neck like a necklace, as that seems a very ‘old lady look’  and they would dangle and get in the way.(apologies to any ‘old ladies’ who do this, or ‘young ladies’ for that matter!)   I am not ready to wear them all the time, as I don’t need to.

My wish is just a wistful wish. I wish my eyes were young and could see better, although of course I know it could be far, far worse……I ‘m just wishing.


Honestly Fiona xx