Morning Lovelies,

We had a lovely Christmas day yesterday. We had carols and mass on Christmas Eve to get us into the festive spirit and as we drove up Lymington High Lymington Christmasstreet, the strings of Christmas lights were shining bright across the road  and the crib outside St Thomas’ parish church was lit up making the town look very Christmassy .

For the first time this year I didn’t have two stockings to put at the end of my son’s beds, as they were working and only able to come to my parents on Christmas day. Instead the stockings filled with the usual essential pants, socks, shower gel, deodorant, bargain DVD ‘s and chocolate ( and this year with an extra joke Christmas toilet roll and expensive Superdry t-shirt!) were put under the Christmas tree with Father Christmas’ other gifts. There were no children staying, so Santa didn’t get a sherry and mince pie left for him by the fireplace and Rudolph was out of luck with his carrot.

family photoEarly rising and punctuality is not a family strength, so I was gobsmacked when my family turned up relatively early and the festivities could begin. A cup of tea to get the ball rolling, then champagne!

We started by opening our presents. It always amazes me that the shopping and wrapping process can take so long and the unwrapping take so little and make so much mess! After filling two black sacks with recycled material, the lounge carpet was suddenly revealed after looking for a number of minutes like a Christmas paper rug.

I had some lovely gifts which included a purse, converse shoes, a lamp, a delux hamper, Cath Kidston mugs, a variety of books, owl towel and gloves, smellies, jewellery, a hairdryer and a specialised 85 minute back massage treatment…I can’t wait! I was indeed very spoilt.

My mum is an outstanding cook and was determined to do the Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, despite being ill Christmas tablerecently. We made sure she had a team of support workers by her side and tried to tell her to sit down, but she is a determined woman and doesn’t like to be told! We ate lots of lovely food, including a family speciality pudding we have each Christmas called Fritze. We drank lots of lovely alcohol and unfortunately had to wash a continuous flow of lovely dirty dishes, as my parents dishwasher is broken!

Christmas dinner

We had made a mess on the sofa after lunch and my mum got out her mini vacuum cleaner to suck up all the crumbs as my husband announced “the dentist has arrived!”

I won the ‘wearing my Christmas hat the longest’ competition and that was without even trying!

me wearing the christmas hat!
We played a round the table game of ‘who am I?’ and then moved to the Christmas ‘must do’ game of Charades, which always causes much hilarity in our family.  One family member on my team had to take part sitting down, so when it came to a key moment and we had to guess as quickly as possible within 3 minutes, can you believe our luck when her charade was ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. She leant forward, pointed to her back and we guessed it to win!  This was the same family member who had never heard of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and tried to spell ‘ET’ with her fingers, failed and referred to it afterwards as ‘ET the extra testicle’ much to my husbands amusement. The day ended with tea, Christmas cake, mince pies and turkey sandwiches for those feeling peckish. In the evening my sons and husband returned home due to work. A lovely family day full of fun, laughter and making happy memories.

CanastaIt’s Sunday. Boxing Day was a quieter day. Homemade Watercress soup, cold turkey with a variety of salads and the left over Christmas day puddings. The remainder of the crackers were put on the table and for the second day running I won the ‘wearing my Christmas hat the longest’ competition…it’s sad that it requires no skill, just an ability to not care! Then, whilst the rest of the world played Pie Face, we sat around a card table playing a sedate, civilised, and very unmessy game of Canasta. It’s sad, but like my need to have a real Christmas tree and play Charades because it is a tradition, so is playing Canasta! My gran was a big Canasta player when I was young and we always used to play, so we played in her memory. Sadly although my mum and I won the first and second rounds we lost overall to my brother and aunt.

It’s Monday and I returned home.

Dear Santa, I know it is a bit early, but please could I have a safe with a secure angellock next Christmas. I know you visited my house, but you must have let in two chocolate thieves. I realise there wasn’t much food in the house as I was away, but surely if hungry they could have gone to the shops which are open all hours these days. Instead they chose to eat MY Christmas chocolate gifts. I’m wondering if they will be writing my ‘Thank You’ letters? They didn’t leave one for me! Instead they left evidence of their visit by putting the Lindt Bear teddy red heart necklace round my mantelpiece angel. I hope they enjoyed it.

Happy Christmas, Love Honestly Fiona x

It’s Tuesday. Yesterday after dropping son off at work I popped into M & S to buy a few nibbles for the little Christmas get together we were having in the evening. I went there because we live near the biggest one ever and I thought the food quality would be good. I also had a voucher saying spend £30 and get £5 off. However, I slightly overspent, £130 was the price that showed up on the till as I left…they obviously saw me coming. No wonder I had a Congratulations email from them this morning and further benefits and encouragement to spend more money!

swimming costume bagHusband then went to buy the booze at the local Waitrose and as he took his shopping basket out, he was mortified when the sales assistant said “Did you bring your swimming costume with you?” He demonstrated when he got home and I was reprimanded for having such a bag in our possession!

The little gathering went well, the first in our new kitchen/diner and it showed us we could fit 20-25 people easily and it not be a squeeze. So, more will be put in the diary. Half of my £130 pounds worth of party food stayed in the fridge freezer, so who knows when it will be eaten, presumably when we arrange another gathering.

One friend brought her cardboard Photo Booth Secret Santa presentparty with her so we had fun taking silly photos of us with cardboard hats, bow ties, lips and moustaches and posed with the photo pout!

It’s Wednesday. On Christmas day my husband had to break the news that the special Christmas card he had ordered for me hadn’t arrived in time. He was quick to add that I should be pleased he had thought of me and it was indeed special! Yesterday the card arrived. He had failed to spot the words ‘First Christmas as Husband & Wife’ but instead had focussed on the key number ’25’ as this year we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary…of course 25 cardhe now realises the 25 is referring to Christmas day! How have I managed marriage for 25 years to this man? By indeed being very special!

Today we have our second Christmas day as this is the only day my son had off work. The table is already laid and I got crackers for £1.20….that’s the way to do it!

It’s Thursday. We had a fun day yesterday where the  presents caused much mirth and I was given a tiara to wear, so became Princess Fiona for the day. Not sure if that means my husband became Shrek, although he was looking quite green after excessive food and alcohol! Luckily, he slept it off on the sofa.

My mother in law always buys a main present and a box filled with smaller gifts. My husband likes a drink, so she had given him a corkscrew attached to a bird which made my husband look incredulous and he kept referring to it as a ‘cockscrew’. I was given a ‘I don’t Like Mondays’ nightdress as I am always miserable on a MONDAY, unless of course it is the school holiday! This was our first sit down meal in our new kitchen/diner and worked very well and we even managed a round the table ‘music trivia quiz’. Hopefully, we won’t remember the answers and can bring it out again next year.

ian with cork screw

I don't like Monday


grandma and dan and jack


As 2015 comes to a close I reflect on this not being the best of years personally. However, I have had some good times, some proud moments, plenty of laughs and fun, our extension is almost finished and I changed my blog name to Honestly Fiona! Tonight I will be seeing the new year in dressed as a maid!

It’s Friday. Yesterday I hit the sales after dropping son off at work and managed to get a few bargain bits.

murder mystery party 1In the evening Linda Lovelace, the maid, accompanied the Archbishop, who was not as good and holy as he seemed, to a local residence where there had been a murder! I failed to read my crib sheet properly before leaving home and missed off the important fact that I was pregnant. When the lady of the house said ” I see you are pregnant” loudly, I thought she was at first implying I looked fat and had eaten too many mince pies over the Christmas period! On further conversation it became clear that my pregnancy state in the Murder Mystery night was fairly important, so I found a Father Christmas toy and stuffed it up my dress! My pregnancy shape increased and shrunk, was very lumpy and the baby’s legs kept dangling out from under my dress, so it looked like a breech birth was about to happen.

During the evening, I sold the dead woman’s brooch that I had stolen on finding her dead in her room, to some dodgy man for £10,000. It was found that the dead woman had various children who didn’t know about each other, drugs were being sold and a killer was in the room. The inspector needed help solving the murder, but once the murder was solved we moved on to a new form of Charades for me, Chinese Charades, girls V boys. This experience enabled me to hone my eating a banana acting skills!

A very dramatic, fun evening was had by all and hopefully the start to a Happy New Year.

Honestly Fiona xx


murder mystery party