Morning Lovelies,

Christmas festivities have well and truly begun!

There were a lot of laughs at the work Christmas do and I was apparently at the loud end of the long table! We started the frog and wicketevening with some bowling. It wasn’t a high tech bowling alley, more a DIY alley, but it was linked to the pub where we were eating, called The Frog and Wicket. It made a nice start to the nights celebrations and I didn’t disgrace myself too much and found I was able to at least knock down a few skittles, although I wasn’t sadly on the winning team. The pub was very festive and the food, drink and company were great. We found ourselves experiencing the biggest Brussel sprout we had ever seen, but couldn’t bring ourselves to eat it, so it probably ended up in the bin!

Sadly,  I was the only one at the end of the evening still wearing a Christmas hat, the only one who went home with a purse, magnifying glass and golf tees and the only one whose husband collected colleagues and drove off with them still hanging out the door!

christmas poutI screeched, my colleagues screeched, my husband’s brakes screeched and her youthful, but stiff legs from an evening of Spinning the night before that hadn’t manoeuvred fast enough, finally spun themselves into the car seat and the door was safely shut! There was much hilarity in the car as my colleagues found the tub of celebrations I had bought for the staffroom. They were opened, or rather thrown in true celebration style and spilled like a fountain of chocolate between her legs! Not pleasant, but it didn’t sop the munching and it looks unlikely they will be making the staffroom as most of them are gone, which I’m quite thankful about knowing where they landed!

Tonight we have another Christmas party! This time it is fun and games with our Musical Society.

It’s Sunday. TOPs Xmas party was hilarious. We had some pen and paper rounds, where you could sit, drink, write and contemplate the answers or dribble into your glass if you hadn’t or clue or weren’t interested. These included Guess the pantomime and Christmas songs/carols from the initial letter and guess the sweetie from the picture section. We then had the team activity games which got us moving. Christmas outfits

  1. Pick up a Celebration chocolate with oven gloves, open it and put it into the next team members mouth. First team wins
  2. Cut out a  Christmas tree behind your back…best one wins
  3. Make a Xmas outfit out of red, white and green crepe paper, cellotape, stickers and some bows. Best one wins
  4. Wrap a present with one hand tied to another person. Quickest one wins
  5. Make reindeer antlers out of tights, balloons and a red bow. First one wins

A fantastic fundraising evening, with the sight of my husband dressed in a Christmas nappy with DING DONG bells covering his nipples and holly leaves covering other regions now etched in my brain…a Christmas CRACKER! Can you believe it we are auditioning for the next show Anything Goes later today, so we have to be with it, awake and sensible!

tights reindeer

It’s Monday. I m so tired this week shouldn’t be happening. I rehearsed my ‘posh’ accent over and over again before auditioning yesterday, for the only role that I was able to go for age wise, that of Hope Harcourt’s mother, Evangeline. I even took in my son’s toy dog as a prop. It was announced at the end of the evening that instead I will be needing  to work on my Chinese accent and that I will be playing the part of a Chinese ex alcoholic man… indeed, Anthing Goes! I can slee I will be working velly hard for the next 6 months.

It’s Tuesday. A marathon Christmas Card making session happened yesterday at school. The children cut out two white circles and a red hat. They stuck them on the Christmas cardcard, found some sequin/star buttons, a glitter scarf, cotton wool pom pom, drew on arms and used their fingers to paint on snow and the hat rim…and in true Blue Peter style, here is one I made earlier!

In the evening I went to another Christmas get together, the dancing mums Christmas lunch at The Fountain pub in Twickenham. More chat, more Turkey…golly gosh, I’m going to be Christmassed out before we get to December 25th!

YS meal

It’s Wednesday. Yesterday we had the school Christmas party. The children all bring in one item to contribute to the party feast. The teachers take the children down to the hall to play the usual games of musical statues and pass the parcel, whilst the LSA’s set up the classroom and lay out the food on plates. We like to encourage good manners and the children have to wait before starting to eat their food, but imagine entering the room and hearing the words “don’t lick your cheesy balls!” Only in a Reception class… I was in fact quite partial to a cheesy ball, ONCE the children and staff were allowed to lick them! cheese balls

It’s Thursday. I wasn’t feeling my best, but Widow Twankey and colleagues spent a fun filled morning yesterday performing our own version of the pantomime Aladdin to the school. It included the Great British Bake Off and various dances about whipping (Cakes of course!) I am now familiar with the Nai Nai dance and am outstanding at singing The 12 days of Christmas with ‘a bra that can only hold three’ We only have a very loose plot and ad lib our lines, so it did mean that instead of talking about ” holey pants” I mentioned ” holey bottoms!” However, in pantomime anything goes, the kids loved it and the staff had a laugh. panto 1

It’s Friday. Us school workers break up, which is just as well as Christmas wouldn’t happen at home otherwise! Our humorous Christmas cards only arrived yesterday so guess what I was doing last night!

It was Xmas lunch at school yesterday and we had to do the serving! A risk assessment was sadly NOT done for the Christmas Crackers and some of the gifts were metal and sharp so deemed unsafe and had to be removed. After I had eaten my third turkey dinner of the week I found myself sitting in the staffroom with pink post it note on my head playing ‘Who am I?’ with other staff members. Anyone entering looked at us incredulously…five members of staff with pink post it notes on their foreheads sitting nonchalantly in the staffroom! I was the last one sitting there as I was not a politician or film star, not a sportsman, but good at a sport, was an older man who wasn’t good looking but who had children who were handsome to some..apparently Prince Charles!

After work we took a group trip to the fantastic Longacres Garden Centre at Bagshot. It doesn’t just sell plants and garden itemsLongacre hats but food, gifts and an extensive range of Christmas decorations. We did some Christmas shopping, I was used as a model for a variety of festive hats and then we ended our shop with a cream tea at the café.

It’s Saturday. Yesterday we had Christingle service and carols sung by our school choir to get us in festive mood and then a baby shower for a colleague who is leaving, so more calorie laden cakes, crisps and biscuits to devour. Christmas was put away at school in preparation for January, which is an odd feeling when you haven’t properly started Christmas at home!

The children and staff gave me lots of lovely gifts and I became quite emotional at the lovely words from some parents, the needed gin and tonic might not have helped! It means so much, as whilst the job is rewarding it can be extremely stressful at times and knowing that your hard work is appreciated makes the job so much more worthwhile.

xmas presents 2015It’s Sunday. yesterday I dropped my son off at work and decided to go Christmas shopping. I returned to the car several times with different loads and by back was struggling at the end of it but I managed to also break the back of it. What a relief!

In the evening we went to watch the Live Nativity re-enactment locally. We missed the angel in the tree and the fireworks going off,  but we did see Mary, Joseph and the donkey arriving at the local pub, Joseph knocking on the door and being turned away and having to go to the stable conveniently set up outside. Miraculously baby Jesus was born and the shepherds appeared all in a matter of minutes. By the time we turned round the pub was open so we popped in for a glass of wine and then went home for a a Chinese takeaway.Nativity

It’s Monday. Yesterday’s Anything Goes rehearsal passed with a lot of laughs and with me mostly shuffling or on my knees and saying ‘AH SO’ a lot of times under my breath, which could be interpreted wrongly. I am playing one of the comical Chinese converts and after yesterday I believe my accent will be comical without even trying… we had to go to the pub afterwards to recover from the strain of laughing!

It’s Tuesday. Yesterday at my mulled wine and minced pie morning I was given a gift! When we were at Centre Parcs I had been Germintalking about the fact that now I have reached the dreaded ‘M’ stage of my life I can’t sleep and sometimes I think I have had no sleep at all! My friend had a special wristband that told her how many hours she had slept deeply, lightly and been awake and she said she thought the same until she got this band. Apparently I will be surprised at how much I do actually sleep when I think I haven’t…I WANT to be surprised! My friend had promised that when it was her birthday she was going to get a Fitbit activity tracker wristband and would pass her Garmin wristband to me and today it happened! Unfortunately, being useless at technology and having a memory like a sieve just setting the blooming thing up took three of us most of the two hours I was eating and drinking, because I couldn’t remember passwords and the setting up process wasn’t happening. However, it is now on my wrist, but it doesn’t have any instructions as she has lost them, so I haven’t  a clue what the different numbers mean…waiting for techno husband to support!

In the evening my husband and I went for a festive family meal at my brothers to celebrate my nieces birthday. If I only I could cook like my sister in law who makes everything look so easy and cooks food that could easily pass on Celebrity Chef.

It’s Wednesday. Disaster happened yesterday when I thought I’d lost my driving glasses. I searched everywhere, phoned up thepurple pom [pom rehearsal rooms and was driving to the Opticians when husband phoned to say he had found them down the side of the bed..relief! I then went off  to do some last minute Christmas shopping in Windsor with a work colleague. We had a lovely last minute shop, lunch and I have bought a present for myself, a purple pom pom hat.

I arrived just in time for the Changing of The Guard at Windsor castle. They were playing The twelve days of Christmas at first..we almost couldn’t stop ourselves from singing the wrong words! They them moved on to other Christmas carols and I’m afraid the cackling laughter is because I was trying to video and had technical issues to begin with.. AGAIN!


Today I am off to Lymington to spend Christmas at my parents. As many of you know my mum has not been well and three weeks ago finally finished her chemotherapy. A month ago we thought my dad had had a stroke and was put on medication and banned from driving. Two weeks later he went to the dentist to find his facial numbness and swollen, droopy mouth was due to a tooth infection.

Christmas is a time for family and appreciating what you have. This year hasn’t been the best, but I still have a lot to be thankful for.

Honestly Fiona xx