Morning Lovelies,

costumesYesterday’s Nativity to the local Pre School went without any costume hitches. It helped that we pinned in all children who were likely to striptease on stage and put shorts on all children who were wearing dresses of any kind, so no flashing could occur! The sound system was a bit shaky, but all in all the kids did the staff proud and we were smiling and relieved at the end of our first public performance…let us hope it improves even more next week and they don’t forget anything over the weekend!

At lunchtime, my usual fast pace walk was not looking appealing. I had a headache for which I had taken tablets and an earache thanks to going outside in the cold wind, after the Nativity. My colleagues wanted to go and  as my Labrynthitis has been hovering but I didn’t want to look like I was wimping out, I decided I would only go if I covered my ears. The ears and head were duly covered by a scarf I found in my cupboard, but when a school volunteer looked at me, laughed and said I looked like I was going out to sell the Big Issue, I realised my headgear perhaps needed to change!

I decided a sugar fix was in order and at this time of year temptation is always on the staffroom table. Usually it is chocolate, sweetiesbiscuits or cake, but today there was a big pot of Super Stars sweeties which included lollipops, refreshers and Love hearts. It has been a while since I have experienced love hearts, but I decided they were safer on my teeth than chewy lollies! The first sweetie I opened said ‘hug me’ which was fairly ordinary, but then the second said ‘swipe right’…I turned to the colleague sitting next to me and said ” these have changed, what does it mean?” She didn’t understand either, so the conversation was opened up to the whole staffroom. It was explained by those that knew, that there is a dating site called Tinder and apparently you ‘swipe right’ if you like people’s photos and they are considered ‘hot’ and ‘swipe left’ if you don’t! The conversation moved on to Strictly Come Dancing and the younger staff were discussing one of the dancers ‘Gleb Savchenko’. I have caught bits of the programme but didn’t know who they were talking about, so they googled a photo to show those of us in the seemed to cause some mirth when I noted “ah, HOT..swipe right!”…a woman in her fifties saying these words it would appear is a ‘swipe left’!!

Today I am off to London with friends to have afternoon tea and a catch up.

It’s Sunday. We had an amazing day in London yesterday and I took a number of photos, some of which I will share and some of which I will put on my Honestly Fiona Instagram page. We caught the train early and started at Harrods, for breakfast. We appleswalked through the food department and it amazed me how they can make ordinary apples look like something really special by polishing, sorting and displaying them appropriately, and then charging £6.95 or more, for ONE apple! They did all look the same size and I didn’t buy one to know if the taste was any different, but I would hope that at that price the flavour was outstanding!

We had breakfast in The Tea Room, but I’m afraid it wasn’t as good a choice as last year, when we had a special fruit coulis and tea cake. This year fruit was off the menu, so we settled for a tea cake and cup of tea. We enjoyed so much chat that when we arrived there was no queue and by the time we left, there was a huge queue and the staff kept returning to check if there was anything else we wanted…sadly, the tea at harrodsanswer was NO! Harrods cakesWhen we did leave we noticed a counter of the most delicious cakes that didn’t look like they should be eaten just outside the café area. We looked, drooled but didn’t purchase! We then left Harrods and walked around the shop outside, to have a look at the Christmas windows. Sadly, although they were good, we again felt that last year they were better. My favourite window was the ballet dancers wearing Ugg boots, which I thought was inspired! After a Harrods window tour and photo session and a little bit of shopping, we caught the tube to Carnaby Street and found a pub called The Shakespeare’s Head, where we shared some Prosecco and had a light lunch.

Cranavby Christmas lightsharrods window ballet
I do love the Carnaby Street Christmas lights and the atmosphere is indeed like a party! Once we had outstayed our welcome there we then mooched back to the tube station, via a few more shops and made our way back to Waterloo station. Last year on our day trip to London we had a cream tea at The Dorchester, but with money a bit tighter we found a cheaper venue offering tea which included free flowing Prosecco for £39 at the Marriot County Hall Hotel.

We didn’t know where to find it and had to ask. The entrance was opposite St Thomas’ Hospital , where I used to go with my eldest son until he was aged 16, for his kidney condition. We had walked past the London Eye along The South bank, we then walked through an arched tunnel of buildings up to the hotel where we were greeted with a wonderful festive display of lights, deer and snow covered trees…it was like finding a Christmas surprise!

Marriot deerWe were greeted by the porter who was so lovely and gave us some information about the hotel and building. He then took us through to the Library Lounge and we were shown to our seats.

Marriot viewWe couldn’t believe the view out of the window…Big Ben, the Thames and The Houses of Parliament! We had a fabulous tea with indeed free flowing Prosecco and a view of London that you really couldn’t beat. The cakes were not quite as nice as those at the Dorchester, but the Prosecco and price, even with the 12.5% service charge more than made up for it. We then went into the cocktail bar next door to the Lounge for a cocktail. A great find and we have decided that next year we will go with our husbands!

cream teaWe finished the day feeling stuffed, Proseccoed out, but knowing we had had a great day.

marriot drinkingCHEERS!

Here’s to next year!

I’m hoping Christmas might finally arrive in our house later today and wishing my husband luck in his performance of Tea With The Old Queen at Jermyn Street might be his last.

It’s Monday.  Having wished for Christmas to arrive yesterday I went downstairs to find this in the garden!pheasant

I’m usually a turkey person, so don’t think it will make my dinner plate, but I was worried it might make the three cats’ dinner plate, so shooed it away before letting them out. It flew over the fence to hopefully relative safety! Neighbours have spotted him in their gardens before, so he obviously dodged the cats hunting instincts previously.

Christmas did arrive in our household in that the tree was brought. I am one that goes for the bought tree rather than artificial, as we always had a real tree as children and I like to continue with traditions.

Today we hope that the children have remembered the Nativity as they are performing it to the school!

It’s Tuesday. Labrynthitis bad today, but Christmas tree is now decorated thanks to my son and house has some decorations up. Hurrah!

Early alarm for my husband which he wasn’t answering so I said to him “it’s for you” and with that he picked up his phone and said “hello”…a pause…”oh, I see”…there is nothing like speaking to the ALARM! Today we do the Nativity to the parents.

It’s Wednesday. Nativity was enjoyed by parents and we have received some lovely emails, letters and comments. All children kept their clothes on for the performance, although I don’t believe in the Christmas story it says ‘and Lo his swaddling clothes fell off’…it did in our version, baby Jesus was naked!

It’s Thursday. Common sense left our household for 24 hours. I am not sure who viewed it to be a good idea yesterday to lock escaped rabbit in the new kitchen so he could poo and wee all over the floor, carpets, sofas, cushions and then decide to take himself off for the evening? I had a great time after an exhausting time at work, on my hands and knees, clearing it all up.

It’s Friday. I am looking forward to our Christmas Do for work tonight!

Honestly Fiona xxx

christmas tree