Rants & Reflections!

Too old to do Am Dram?

Morning lovelies, What a busy, tiring, but fun week Show week was! I expect most of you read my numerous posts and tweets promoting Barnum in the past few months, some of you might even have got a tad fed up with me, but selling tickets and making money to cover increasing costs is a …

Give Thanks

Week Fourteen of ‘Give Thanks’

Morning, My daily positive ‘ give thanks’ posts have got behind. I’m having a half term catch up! Sunday– I give thanks for a fantastic, fun packed weekend of performing with my Upstage family at Camberley theatre. Yesterday we performed to a packed audience, my ‘sexy’ walk might have required work but got a big …


#Vlogstars Things That Wind You Up

Evening, Leaving it a bit late to join in as so busy, but I’m joining in again with the  #Vlogstars #linky run by Katy from WhatKatysaid.com and Colette at Goingonanadventure.co.uk. This month it is all about things that wind you up! I’m off to drink more wine! Honestly Fiona xx  

Give Thanks

Week Thirteen of ‘Give Thanks’

Morning, Continuing with my grateful posts and week thirteen of giving thanks. Sunday -After a long tiring afternoon of Barnum rehearsals we spent the whole car journey down the M3 thinking how we did not want to cook when we got in! The joy when son said he had been given left over Chinese and …


Nirvana Spa Day Vlog

Evening lovelies, In the Easter holidays my friend Sue and I spent a wonderful day at NIrvana Spa, in Wokingham. I have spoken about the Spa before and it is our yearly treat to ourselves. Sometimes, we might treat ourselves more than once, now that is real gluttony! Here is a Vlog of our day, …

Rants & Reflections!

Too Old To Dance?

Afternoon lovelies, There aren’t many weekends I spend with an enormous grin on my face, but I did last weekend! Why, I hear you ask? DId I spend the weekend being pampered, spoilt, with my feet up or on holiday? If only! No, I  spent the entire weekend at Camberley Theatre performing in a dance show. …

Give Thanks

Week Twelve of ‘Give Thanks’

Morning, I’m catching up on my weekly ‘Give thanks’ posts! You can always follow me on Instagram @ Honestly Fiona if you want to see them daily. Sunday– We spent a lovely Easter day spent with my parents and brother in Lymington. Their garden is looking wonderful and their beautiful azalea’s so colourful!   I …


#Vlogstars #5 Things I can’t Live Without

Evening, Leaving it a bit late to join in as we have had some technology problems this week but I’m joining in with  the  #Vlogstars #linky run by Katy from WhatKatysaid.com and Colette at Goingonanadventure.co.uk. This month it is all about five things you can’t live without and one of them is the above…I’ve struggled big …

My Life

Allergies, Train Travel & Barnum

Evening, It’s Tuesday. The sun shone and more beauty was found in my parents garden. I do so love this time of year. The only issue with the Springtime Season is the sniffing, sneezing, regular sore throat and occasional weepy eyes that I appear to get. Piriton style products are a regular handbag accessory. It is such a nuisance that as …